July 18, 2024

7 tips for renting in London as a first timer

Anyone new to London goes through a phase of confusion without knowing the right things to do to rent a flat or apartment in the capital of England. While in London, Fulham is one of the towns full of life and ideal to rent a flat and enjoy the incredible city lifestyle. However, certain things need to be put into consideration first with sites like https://www.draker.co.uk/lettings/central-london/fulham/property, you can easily find flats to rent in Fulham without much hassle. Let us take a deep dive into top tips for first timers to rent in London.

Asking around

Word of mouth is always in order and can save you a lot of time and cost when finding a flat to rent as a first timer. However, let caution be your first and last name, as there are those with ill intentions. Consider doing a thorough research online and combine the information that you get from the internet and that which you gather from Londoners.

Tenant’s profile

The best property in town will have many people eying and fighting to be part of it. This is why it is essential to work on your profile as a renter and show the landlord or landlady that you are the ideal candidate for the flat.

Terms of tenancy

As a tenant, it is required of the landlord to present to you a contract in which you are required by law to peruse and if in agreement, sign it for you to become a tenant. When presented with the contract, take your time and go through it word by word and understand its content and if not satisfied, return to the pond and fish for a new one out of the many flats to rent in Fulham. There is more information on this from https://www.movebubble.com/.


As a first timer in London, you might find it hard moving around and getting to various destinations quickly, and this is why it is imperative to find a flat that is centrally located. Go for one that is close to transport services such as subways and trams and also close to social amenities such as hospitals, police station, malls, and schools.


The internet has revolutionized transactions and has allowed people to go cashless through online payment platforms. As a way of ensuring safety, it is vital to ensure that you visit the flat that you find online or on any other platform and verify that whatever information being offered is factual and that the flat exists. Having confirmed this, refrain from paying cash for the deposit and first-month rent and obtain a valid receipt for the same to avoid falling victim of swindlers who has flocked the streets of London.


Safety is a chief concern for everyone when moving to a new place. There is a lot of information online and on the television about the safety of specific locations. Your security, and that of your property and loved ones should be giving you jitters. At this point, you can also prefer asking around people who have lived there for quite some time.


If you are a people’s person, then it is appropriate to wear that hat and consider sharing the flat with a mate. This is a way of cutting down on the cost of rent as you give yourself time to find a better flat to rent if you see the need. Either way, it is essential to vet the person you contemplate on sharing the flat with for safety and convenience purposes.

You can also click on the link https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice and gather much more information on the same.