July 15, 2024


We Australians just love the beef. Making roasted beef is easy yet it requires a lot of expertise in the making. Not everyone can make a perfect roasted beef. You can be amongst those experts who can cook a perfect roasted beef.

All you require is a good recipe and some practice. It is said that practice makes a man perfect so, if you are unable to make the perfect roast in the first try, do not lose hope. Give it another try and another try and another try and you will surely be an expert in the making of the beef.

Recipe to make a delicious and mouthwatering roasted beef

Before you start the process of making the beef, you must make sure that you tie the beef. This will help you give a uniform shape to the meat which will make it easier for you to carry it. So, when you go to your butcher make sure you ask them to tie your meat. You can also try it at home.

You will need kitchen twine and scissors. Place the twine under the beef and tie a knot. A double knot will ensure that the knot does not open up. Cut the excessive twin and then repeat the process at 5 cm intervals. Then mark some cuts on the beef slice so when you season it, the salt and the pepper goes to the middle of it and it has the same taste from beginning to end. No,w your meat is ready to get cooked. For basic information click here.

Place the beef on a raised tray because it will help the heat to circulate all over the piece of the beef. If you place it on a simple tray and heat it, one side may remain uncooked. After you have placed it on the tray, season it with some salt and pepper. After you are done with the seasoning, place it in a pre-heated oven. Keep a check on the temperature of the beef. You need to maintain the check so the beef is not over-cooked. For a 500 grams’ piece to reach a temperature of 200℃, it will take almost 25 minutes to 30 minutes.

Once the beef has reached its temperature, take it out of the oven and make sure you do not burn your hands. Leave it for 10 minutes to 20 minutes. This is done so all the juices can pour in the beef and make it even more delicious. If you carve it immediately it will not give you the same taste as the juices will only be in the middle and not in the core of the beef. Now you can take off the twine and carve the meat.

The art of carving

Carving the roasted beef is an ultimate art. All is well that ends well, but if you are unable to end it well it will destroy all your hard work. So to carve it properly you will require a fork and a good quality carving knife. Make sure that your knife is long and strong and you are not interrupted while carving the beef.

Then use your fork to steady the beef and cut through the beef in slicing manner. Do not push the knife in as it will not cut the beef properly. Now transfer the carved meat into a warm plate. Serve it with roasted potato and red wine to enhance its taste. You can also use youfavouritete sauces to make it even more delicious. Your mouth-watering roasted beef is ready to be eaten.

Other recipes

The recipe mentioned above is one way to make roasted beef. Another way to make roasted beef is that you cook the meat in the tray with some vegetables like 2 carrots, half celery, one onion, a bulb of garlic and some rosemary. Cut these and place them under the meat. This will give you a benefit because it will not burn your meat as it will not be in direct contact with the tray.

Once the beef is cooked and it has loosened up the water, you need to remove the beef from the tray and pour in some more water. Then you churn up the veggies in the tray, add some red wine and jam, and cook it to make a delicious gravy. After you are done with carving the meat, pour some gravy on the meat and serve the delicious dish.