July 22, 2024


The Vanilla Visa gift card is a comprehensive, open-loop prepaid Visa card which imparts an identical function as cash, only that it is limited by the card amount denomination. This card is used to procure gifts and other items by means of afore loaded cash on the card. It is a beneficial replacement for presenting cash, very much similar to a gift voucher. Vanilla gift card is issued for a virtual account consigned by The Bancorp Bank of the USA. This card can be utilized for online merchandise, mobile purchase or for purchase through the mail. The gift card can be used all over the place wherever visa debits cards are accepted in the United States. Visa cards are distributed by Incomm Financial Services, Inc, which is authorized as a Genuine Money provided by the New York State Bureau of Financial Services.


User has to register the card for using it for any online purchase. Also, the balance available in the card should be checked by logging in to vanilagiftssa.com. The card number and the Pin number is required for checking the balance of vanilla gift card. It is necessitous to check the balance of cards before purchase so that the user can able to track their balance and transactions. Registering the card with the site is essential as the user has to register with valid addresses for using this card for online purchases.

How to purchase

Vanilla Visa gift card can be purchased from CVS pharmacy, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid Pharmacy, Dollar General, H-E-B and speedway. It is not necessary to activate the card after purchasing as these cards are activated by the stores itself. The money available in the gift card can be transferred to other online financial services like Paypal.

PIN Number

The PIN number is not required for using this card. However, the user can get PIN numbers by visiting the website using the Manage PIN option. In most cases, the card can be used immediately after activation. Some of the retailers may ask for 24 hours time duration for the activation.

For using the card for purchase the user has to select the ‘Credit’ option while swiping the card. The card may not be accepted if the ‘Debit’ option is selected.


This card cannot be used n ATM machines and the balance available in the card cannot be transferred to another card. The balance cannot be used for recurring bills. The usage of the card is restricted to the USA and California.

The initial account activation fee is applicable for activating the card and some cards may charge monthly service fees.

Working on this card is similar to that of a debit card or master card and so the user has to follow the same procedure as online shopping.

This card cannot be used for Amazon purchase as this card have no address associated with them. To make the card accepted for online purchases, the user has to register the card with ZIP code on the official website of the bank.