June 14, 2024

Celebrities are seen wearing pearl chandelier earrings, pearl dangles, and pearl drop earrings at red carpet events. It helps to improve their facial features and outfits. Wear pearl drop earrings with your business attire or casual outfit conveniently but to wear it on a glamorous occasion there are some fashion tips to avoid styling mistakes.

Consider skin tone

  • Pale skin tone having cool undertones – Choose pink colored pearl drop earrings
  • Olive skin tone having warn undertones – Lavender or black colored pearl drop earrings will blend well

White drop pearl earrings work amazingly on every kind of skin and can be worn on all elegant, formal, and semi-formal events.

Consider your size

  • Petite size woman needs to opt for simple, delicate and small jewelry pieces, so it does not look like jewelry is wearing them. A 6-7 mm pearl danglers are perfect.
  • Well-built and tall women need to pick bold jewelry. Large, heavy and designed black pearl danglers add to the glam and glitz naturally. Avoid wearing a choker with pearl chandelier earrings as massive accessories are inclined to clash.

 When and how to wear pearl danglers?

Intrinsic variables like Pearl’s type, size, color, setting, and metal needs to be considered.

  • Basic pearl danglers are discrete and can be worn with formal, casual and business attire. If you wish to wear them for the high-end occasion then add a multi-strand pearl bracelet.
  • Semi-formal pearl danglers are longer than the basic design. They include a single character like a baroque shape pearl or novelty colored pearl or includes a shell stone or gemstone. This helps to compliment an evening gown or a business suit.
  • Formal chandelier earrings are heavy, elaborate, long, and massive. They are favorite’s jewelry pieces and add glamour when worn at weddings, formal concerts, opera nights, red carpet style events, and more.

 Metal and gemstone

  • Silver, platinum or white gold gives all kind of pearl hues and colors a neat, clean and modern look.
  • Yellow gold offers vintage style making them elegant accessories to be worn on high-end formal events.
  • Zirconia, diamonds, and precious colored gemstones add spark making the earrings look more interesting and valuable.

The extrinsic variables to consider are the hairstyle and the outfit. Hair has to be tied up in a bun or extra sophisticated up-do while wearing statement like or basic pearl drop earrings to allow them to stand out and add to your facial features. Small pearl danglers look great with jackets, silky shirts, and trousers or pencil skirts and large elaborate pearl chandeliers compliment strapless dresses, plunging neckline outfits and spaghetti strap dresses.