April 22, 2024

Have you know the arrival of the new model Car Hyundai Kona. If you are failed to notice about it, this article will let you know about the highlights and features of the car. In the Crowded models of the new arrival, the Hyundai Kona model at the Petaluma Hyundai dealer was selling over highly.

What is the newly updated specialty from the 2019 Kona?

From the list of updated car models, the updated 2019 Kona is the second model based on the intuitive Kona. The Car is mounted with the special metals and the advanced technical capacity on devices.

The automatic braking system from the car is a highlighted thing to consider for safe driving. The standard equipment on the car is filled with the safety features to reflect the ultimate level of security. There are certain colors that are available on this model; you can pick the best for your desire.

What about the interior system of Hyundai Kona?

The interior system of the car is encapsulated with the advanced devices. There is a drive inattention monitor to track the road condition visually. Then USB ports on the car are inclining with the sufficient energy of 12-volt outlet power.

The turbo system of the car is equipped with a high-quality speaker; the seats are plated with plain black leather with special piping on the edges. The distance between the steering and the seat will offer more space to drive comfortably. The perk system of the car is easy-to-use infotainment, commanding view, and the big crossovers.

How is the Kona affordable for journeys?

As per Petaluma Hyundai dealership, the Hyundai Kona is more suitable for long drives. The subcompact spaces on the car are fairly larger than the other model cars. It is the shortest car with longest space length to carry huge pieces of equipment and luggage.

Approximately the length of the space on the car is 19 cubic feet from the back seat in the space; you can fix the midsize dual suitcases — the spaces between the front and rear seat sleek with the valid gap to place a huge bag.

Words about the driving experience

The New Hyundai 2019 Kona model is well designed Outer layer is manufactured with the superstructure of Advance High Strengthen Steel to be durable from damages. Unique designed headlamps, modern curvatures and the grille on the car will make you get surprised. It enhances the superficial beauty, and it gives the inner confidence in driving to have a smooth ride.

What is about fuel economy and performance of Kona 2019?

The choice of Power Train from this model Kona Offers the 147 horsepower from 2.0L and 4 line engines. The releasing amount of torque is 132 pound-feet to pair with the choices on the torque converter.

The perk of this model Kona is the availability of all-wheel drive. The fuel economy is similar to the past Kona model, but the engine power is the difference from that. To ride a car with effortless acceleration, you can choose this Hyundai Kona Model.

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