April 24, 2024

Digital sports betting has become indispensable in Indonesia. They have long since developed their place and are currently in the process of not only competing with sports betting offices but even becoming more popular than them. Why is that? This text shows the advantages of digital sports betting compared to sports betting offices.

The sports betting office is on the other end of town? No problem.

The number of sports betting offices is not to be sneezed at. They subsist in most of the cities and even in the year of 2016, they are still open. However, the distance to a sports betting office may be so far that it would simply be uncomfortable for players to go there. They may also have to travel by public transport, which would mean additional effort and also require time organization. With digital sports betting, however, it doesn’t matter where a player is.

In theory, he can place a bet on the bed. All he needs is an account with a sports betting provider, a computer, or a tablet or smartphone and money in the provider’s account. A bet can already be placed.

Live bets must also be mentioned in the same breath. A live bet is sometimes about seconds. If you take too much time, you may be frustrated afterward. Even those who act quickly can be unlucky in the sports betting office. Perhaps there are other players who also want to place a (live) bet at the same time. Since there is only one counter and often only one machine, betting takes time. But sometimes it takes too long and the goal has been scored before the bet has been placed. Nobody has to wait for digital sports betting. The bet can be placed immediately on the PC or mobile device. At most, there can be technical problems that delay the acceptance of the bet. But there is always this risk.

Digital sports betting can be banned in 2017

Sports betting offices generally have a disreputable image. Many people associate them with older men who drink cheap coffee, smoke cigarettes and have a lively discussion about football. There is usually not much space for conviviality in the bars. It’s completely different from digital sports betting. They can easily be placed in the circle of friends without affecting the mood or drinking alcohol. Cross your heart. A bottle of beer is simply part of the game for many players. The serving of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in sports betting venues. For many players, this is already a reason to place the bet digitally.

It is not really surprising that sports betting agencies have problems with digital competition for the reasons just mentioned. It can be assumed that they will face even bigger problems in the future. They may be lucky and in 2017 it is decided that all digital gaming providers, including sports betting providers, will be banned under the sbobet Gaming. Then the sports betting venues would no longer have any digital competition. However, there is still a bit of time before that and whether the decision will really be made in favor of the sports betting offices is currently not certain.

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