July 15, 2024
The 5 Benefits of Custom Framing Your Art Prints

Image Source: www.ubuy.co.in

Selling art prints is a fantastic way to get more people to recognise your artistic talents while opening more sales opportunities. Prints are affordable and easier to produce than original pieces, making them more profitable in the long run.

But as more artists turn to printing their works, how do you stand out from the crowd?

The best print-on-demand in Australia offers their clients customisation options, one of which includes frames. Custom frames can enhance the visual appeal of your creations on top of preserving their integrity.

Below are five key benefits of investing in print-on-demand oak frame services:

Personal Touch

Customised frames allow you to add a touch of your distinct identity to your art prints. You can choose frames to reflect your personality and brand, making your prints more easily recognised by a wider audience.

Additionally, you can offer your clients the option to customise frames according to their preferences. This ensures your prints blend well with their home décor while enhancing the piece.

Make it Last

One of the worries most artists face when selling their creations is the fear of losing their visual appeal due to damage.

Framing your art prints protects them from any damage they might sustain over time, including fading, yellowing, and degrading. This keeps the colour intensity in pristine condition, no matter how old it may be.

Add Value

Art prints are affordable, but that does not mean you must settle for their current worth. By adding a custom frame to your printed works, you can add more value.

Whether hand-carved out of luxury wood or a minimalist, trendy design, it is without a doubt that frames can add another element of beauty, elegance, and value to your art prints.

Get the Right Frame

It can be challenging to find the perfect frame for your art prints. While most frames sold in craft stores are well-made, not all styles suit your creations.

Opt for customisation if having the ideal frame for your art prints is a struggle. There is a wide range of customisation techniques you can use to your advantage to create frames that will bring out your creation’s beauty and value.

A Finished Look

Installing frames around your art prints gives it a finished appearance. The right frame will highlight elements you have in mind, making it appear complete and ready to capture attention in any room of a home or establishment.

Remember, the key to having beautiful frames is to match them with the artwork and the space they will grace. If you want to partner with a reliable printing and customising service in Australia, don’t hesitate to contact Printribe.