July 20, 2024

Have you ever stopped to think about what the bible teaches us? Well, although many think it does not, know that it teaches us many things that we should take into our lives.

Before being told about your teachings, it is important to contextualize yourself, if in case you do not know the Bible I suggest the book know your Bible from cover to cover. It is a large collection with 66 books, which are divided into 2 periods. Before and after Christ.

Also called the Old and New Testament, one collection complements the other. It is in the Old

A testament that we have the story of how God created the universe.

Now, let’s get to what really matters! Learn more about the main teachings of the Bible.

What are the main teachings of the Bible?

Well, the Bible, as said before, brings us many teachings. However, the main ones are:

Do not feel anger

Even if someone has done something against you, and as difficult as it may be, do not feel anger! After all, the moment you feel such a bad feeling about someone, you are also subject to anger.

Have you ever heard of that saying that says, “Do not wish others what you do not want for yourself?” So we need to think the same way the moment someone’s anger is felt. If you want to read Jesus’ words about wrath, they are found in Matthew: 5.21-22.

Do not do good looking for recognition

The moment you help someone, you should not seek to be recognized by your act. This goodwill not count as something done to help others, but only to show itself to those around.

It is only if you are doing good, in fact, when nothing is desired in return, or as a reward.

When one expects the reward, one is only helping, but with ulterior motives. This teaching is found in Matthew: 6.1-3.

Pray where you are, but pray!

You do not have to be in the church to pray, even though being in the house of the Lord Jesus Christ brings the sense of peace. Also, it is not necessary to show the world what you pray for. The only important one to hear his prayer is not present only in public.

Pray in your bedroom, and do not be hypocritical in your prayer. Be extremely sincere when you pray, it will only do you good and show that you, no matter how much you miss, know how to admit what you did. Matthew: 6.5.

Love the next

Even if he shows himself to be his enemy. Pray for them. And keep in mind that praying for someone is already characterized as an act of love. The love you feel will only help you become a better person each day. Believe! Matthew: 6.1-3.

The bible is timeless

Although it has been written for a long time, it brings us lessons and teaching that are and will be applicable in every day of our lives. And that is why, although it is read and re-read by many scholars, it is still possible to be surprised by new teachings.

Knowing this, continue, or if you have not started yet, begin to devote yourself to Bible studies. She will teach you many things, be sure of that.