May 18, 2024

Are you thinking about using Lipozene to lose weight? If so, you want to educate yourself on some of the facts, things the manufacturer doesn’t want you to know. Remember, they want to sell their product, so they certainly want to encourage the audience to buy.


If you’ve seen the Lipozene ads, you already know some of the information about the product. For instance, you know there are claims you don’t need to change your lifestyle in order to lose weight. I’m sure you know that isn’t possible, but you want to believe it because you’ve had trouble losing weight with other diet plans. Lipozene is composed of dietary fiber and claims are it helps you lose weight because you feel full even after only consuming a small amount of food. This claim and others are just advertising hype much like the types of advertising we see on television and in other media sources all the time.

Lipozene: the Truth

There is only one active ingredient in Lipozene, a dietary fiber called Glucomannan that is extracted from the konjac plant. Because this fiber is insoluble, it has the ability to absorb water in the stomach thus forming a thick gel. This process causes the user to eat less because the gel from the Glucomannan results in a feeling of fullness. This claim is partially true according to a study conducted in 1984 that showed when an obese individual consumes one gram of Glucomannan before meals, he or she can lose approximately 5.5 pounds over an eight-week period. Unfortunately, the manufacturer is careful never to cite the specific number of study participants.

The advertising also claims that 78 percent of weight loss is pure body fat and occurred without the participants changing anything in their daily lives. This is another fallacy since there have been no studies conducted on Lipozene, just on Glucomannan. Secondly, the participants in all those studies made dietary changes and engaged in exercise. Another flaw in the research is in 2003 evidence showed fiber doesn’t really have any substantial effect on individual weight, hunger, or a feeling of being satisfied.


With the above facts in mind, a potential customer can make an informed decision. While some people may see positive results from taking Lipozene, others may not. Most of the studies that have been published tend to show the biggest weight loss appears in obese people. Perhaps this product is intended for that purpose.