July 19, 2024

Unless you’re an engineer or an architect, you wouldn’t exactly want to be bothered to know the different kinds of steel used to build structures like houses and buildings. You trust your contractor to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the steel products that suit your office or home construction best.

But, it wouldn’t hurt to know more about these things, too. This way, you’ll have an idea if your contractor is using the right kind of steel in your property. Here are seven kinds of steel used in building structures.

1. Structural steel

If you need steel that’s strong but easily adjusted to fit any shape or form, then you should choose structural steel. This is the most common material used to build skyscrapers. Construction companies use it to form L, Z, and T-shaped beams.

Not only is it a strong material but structural steel is also highly fire-resistant. In addition to that, it’s also good for recycling, which makes it environmentally friendly. If that’s not enough, it also requires little maintenance because of its durability. Structural steel can last for several years, making it one of the economical steel in the market.

2. Light gauge steel

If you’re aiming to build a storage shed for your tools and gardening equipment, the light gauge steel is your material. This is lightweight and often used to build garages and storages. It’s easy to use, which makes construction a lot faster. It’s also safe to work with, economical, and durable.

3. Rebar steel

If you’re going to build a concrete driveway, the rebar steel is your pick. Rebar is often used by construction companies for driveways because it has the ability to strengthen the integrity of concrete and minimize cracks. Many architects and engineers also love using this steel because it’s recyclable and can last several years.

4. Tool steel

This kind of steel is used more in building tools rather than building structures, but it’s just as useful as all the other types of steel. Tool steel is the material people use to build hammers, knives, mold-making equipment, and cutting equipment. It’s one of the hardest types of steel.

5. Alloy steel

If you’re an aeronautical engineer, meanwhile, you’ll encounter alloy steel when you’re trying to build an aircraft. This type of steel is often used in making turbine blades.

6. Stainless steel

Now, if you’re a chef of a restaurateur, you’ll find a lot of stainless steel in your vicinity. That’s because most kitchen appliances are made from this specific type of steel, a material that’s highly resistant to corrosion and easy to clean, which is important in a kitchen environment.

7. Mild steel

If you’re building a structure that’s located in an earthquake-prone area, then mild steel should be your choice. This steel is very tough, which is why architects who build structures in San Francisco or LA, for example, often use it for its durability even in the midst of an earthquake.

So, these are the seven kinds of steel that construction companies, architects, and engineers often use. Hopefully, this additional information will help you understand why people use various kinds of steel.