May 25, 2024

A few decades back polo shirts were only worn by polo players. However, this sports shirt with a pique knit collar and a buttoned placket is a popular piece of apparel today. They are admired everywhere from sports, board rooms, business events, casual events, and even in parties. It is the reason why most of the company uses polo shirts for promoting their brand name with embroidery or attractive logos printed on it. Company polos are gifted to employees, partners, clients, and others. Customized polo shirts are also one of the popular choices for company uniforms. If you are considering designing customized polos for your brand, then here are a few things to consider before choosing the one for your brand.

1. Fabric Material

One of the most fundamental things to consider when choosing customized polos or shirts is choosing the right material. Earlier polos were made up of 100{9aec2f3753136e72632b4743edb3bd445b461a73e7aee1730978bb7c413976bd} cotton fabric. However, today they are available in different types of materials, including blends of cotton and polyester. For picking the best fabric, you need to consider purpose and events for which you are providing shirts. If you are using polo shirt for company uniform, choose the fabric that is comfortable and moisture-wicking so that employees can comfortably wear the polo shirts during working hours. When choosing polo shirts for sportswear, you can go with the jersey. For casual polo shirts, you can go with any preferred fabric that you like or fits into your requirements.

2. Choose a High-Quality Brand

When choosing a company polos, you are must make sure to choose a high-quality brand to design customized shirts. Giving a high-quality t-shirt, you are ultimately demonstrating that your company uses brand products, which creates a great impact on those you receive company polos. High-quality polo shirts will create a great impression of your company, especially if you are gifting them as a party favor or using them to promote your brand.

3. Color

Polos are in singular solid colors when picking the company polos color choose according to your company’s theme, and that can complement the company logo. Choose the color can be meaningful with company’s brand theme. Going with elegant and classic colors can be the best choice for company polos.

4. Logo

Impressing logo on the left side of the chest is a popular choice for logo printing. Embroidery logos are the most suitable choice that most customized designers choose when impressing their logos. However, you can go with other modern printing techniques that complement your polos.