June 25, 2024

Here are some questions you can expect which are targeted at indicating specific traits like

  • Choice, tools, strengths, and dexterity to work on projects at both ends.
  • Team-skills, while maintaining quality, pointing out the bugs, giving constructive feedback and being a team player.
  • Style and complexity of projects undertaken, learning from it, and the problems or solutions that added value to it.

Which is your favorite language?

Use this opportunity to discuss the various languages you know at the front, back and mean-stack levels. Of course, the anticipated answer is CSS, Python, HTML, Java, etc.

How are new trends helpful to you?

Speak about community and peer forums, the webinars and continuous learning you are involved in. Prove you constantly evolve in learning and practice.

What’s the learning you recently acquired?

The interviewer is trying to gauge what you have learned in the last few months.

What qualities should a full stack developer have?

Let them know about your skills in coding languages and how it is essential. Skills which involve coordination, collaboration, observation, and communication should be emphasized.

Which languages and technologies are essential for project development?

The manager is definitely trying to assess your justification of skills and job-readiness. Use this too as an opportunity to score.

Have you experienced pair-programming?

Pair programming involves the ‘Driver’ or code writer and ‘Navigator’ or code, reviewer. Extreme programming needs you to justify your ability.

Explain CORS.

CORs is Resource Sharing involving Cross-Origins of domains and web resources to integrate the scripts with external domain-content and services.

How did you make the choice of working on your project?

In answering be specific about your tools and justify the choice of project. Your agility and sharpness will count to explain your experience at both ends.

How would inefficient coding affect you?

Since the code is of a colleague the interviewer is looking for feedback on your being a team player, able to identify bugs, give constructive feedback and resolve situations that breed resentment while being quality conscious and a team player.

Which debugging/ implementation project have you have executed?

This question allows you to showcase your skills. Talk about the hurdles, how you overcame them and the tools and resources you used to focus on collaborations, communication, and contributions to the team.

What design patterns are you familiar with?

This will call for a clear and deep understanding of web application errors that inadvertently creep into readable and clean codes and the skills required for it.

Which is more interesting execution or management?

This answer should be tackled as an inquiry into your leanings and job-role preferences.

Explain continuous integration in testing.

Automated testing uses the integration of codes deployed during the production cycle. Several times the code is updated and testing occurs continuously and automatically.

How is multi-threading used?

The process of multi-threading executes on the CPU single-user multiple requests, multiple-users single-request, etc and is an indication of programming abilities in a multi-user environment with OS-supported processes being simultaneously executed.

What codes are you presently working on?

Tech geeks are always working on codes. Continuous learning and application of it are what the interviewer is assessing.

What has been your worst mistake in coding?

Speak honestly about your mistake, its lessons, how you overcame and resolved it.

Explain Long-polling.

Long Polling is another design pattern used to overcome client data-pushing from the server which waits rather than send a nil-resource message.

How would you reduce the application-loading time?

Talk a bit about the various ways like reducing redirects, minimizing resources, reducing HTTP requests, enabling browser-caches, image optimization, and such.

What is control inversion?

This describes coding patterns used to remove coupling of system components and layers. It is allied with questions on design patterns.

Explain how REST and GraphQL are different.

Your answer should indicate that GraphQL never uses resources that are dedicated. All components of the graph are connected and query-compatible.

Remember that a full stack developer interview is very important and doing a full stack developer course at Imarticus would help you be fluent in user-authentication, logic, interactions, database, and server-configurations. It’s all right when you are better at one application end and do not have all the right answers. All the best!