May 25, 2024

Once you start playing at venues, you have already mastered the basic skills. While most of the DJ’s won’t do much to learn a new set of skills and DJ tricks as they are happily playing to crowds whatever they have learned, others thrive on learning new things to outshine the other DJ’s. Now, the question arises what you can do in order to stand out in the crowd of DJ’s? In this article, we will talk about certain tips and tricks that will help you to stand out above the rest of others.

  • Once you are aware of where you will be playing next, you need to prepare yourself accordingly. You need to know how to get yourself prepared for the particular event; you should be fully prepared before every event that held.
  • It is crucial to interact with the crowd in order to get yourself connected as nobody likes a DJ, who is constantly busy with his equipment and has no expression. What you can do us get yourself filmed at home, this will give you an idea of what changes you need to make.
  • One of the most exciting things that the crowd loves is a DJ scratch. A DJ scratch is something for which you will get compliments from the crowd. It is something different and therefore loved by the people. It will help you in standing out apart from the rest of the DJ’s.
  • There is one thing that most of the DJ’s ignore and that mixing. There are several tools which will help you in featuring different tracks and get them The tracks you choose should be something that compliments each other and sound good.

  • It is recommended to not mess with the faders excessively. As constant messing up of faders will result in something that won’t sound good. If you are doing it check how does it sounds to others before playing it at an event as it may sound very amateur?
  • It is nice to incorporate FX into your sets as it is really fun to have them on sets. However, it is important that you use the FX perfectly and do not overdo them as it will only annoy the crowd. Mainly, FX’s are used for transition purpose or to cover up poor beatmatching.
  • One of the great techniques is playing multiple genres in order to improve mixing skills. It is beneficial when you mix different genres and create something new as every genre as something different. By doing this, you can come in the top 100 DJs list of EDM music.

All these tips if followed properly will help you in becoming one of the top DJ’s, and people will appreciate your skills.