June 24, 2024

Women’s wardrobe can never be complete without shoes. They are some of the most important accessories that complete a look no matter what occasion you are gearing up. The flashy box is an online platform that exhibits an unbelievable range of such fashion footwear. From flat to gorgeous heels, from sneakers to thigh boots – you name it and the site has it all!

A glance at the footwear collection, available over the retail and the online platforms, can be quite a confusing experience. The vast variety available in terms of their designs, colors, shapes, and patterns can spoil anyone for a choice.

While shopping for a complete footwear wardrobe, you must keep in mind that it must have variety. This is what that will prepare for various occasions and events. Irrespective of your favorite footwear design (which for girls mostly happens to be those killing stilettos, try to make your footwear range an outrageous ensemble of variety.

Strappy Heels:


When shopping for Designer Women’s Shoes you can never ignore the heels that are available in the market. Stilettos have been a popular fashion choice for women in terms of the fashion footwear they choose to wear. Quite true that these shoes do not bring the best level of comfort with them, but fashion for women is never complete without them. Hence a pair of strappy or otherwise stilettos is a must buy.

Thigh High Boots

These creations have been a craze, ever since they made an appearance in the market. They are considered to be the Hottest Women’s Shoe Styles that rock every kind of western look. However, you must wear a dress that will reveal these beauties in their full scope!

Gladiator Flats

Simple, comfortable and stylish – these gladiator flats are a perfect buy for every type of women. Whether you have comfort on your mind or a desire to flash those perfect legs, these gladiator flats will remain the most stylish women’s shoes choice for the occasion.



Although they fall into the category of sports shoes, you can get women’s sneakers in some of the best flashy women’s shoe designs. They can be a perfect match for your knee-length dresses and skirts and can also be paired up with your jeans, sweat pants and shorts.

Platform Heel Sandals

You can trust these broad platform heel sandals to serve any purpose and blend style and comfort like never before. If you want a wardrobe that is ever ready for any occasion, these sandals are simply indispensable.

To begin with, whisk through your collection of footwear and just find out the designs and the styles that are missing in the array. Then all you need to do is visit Flashybox for a quick pick trip.