September 27, 2023

Varicose veins are a widespread condition that affects millions of individuals globally. Veins in the legs become twisted, bulging, and visible beneath the skin. Varicose veins can cause discomfort, pain, and other consequences in severe situations. And there are various available treatment options, including surgery, sclerotherapy, and laser therapy. After receiving varicose veins treatment in Singapore, patients should take particular measures to guarantee a rapid recovery and avoid complications. Here are five things to avoid after treatment for varicose veins.

1. Strenuous Physical Activity

After varicose veins treatment in Singapore, refrain from vigorous physical activity for a few days or as directed by your physician. Avoid activities that require heavy lifting, intense movement, or extended periods of standing. These activities can elevate blood pressure in the legs, causing the treated veins to rupture and produce bleeding or bruises. You may need compression stockings to prevent swelling and support your legs. As directed by your physician, increase your physical activity gradually.

2. Excessive Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can be detrimental to the skin, especially following treatment for varicose veins in Singapore. The treated area may be more photosensitive, and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays might cause skin damage. Wear protective gear such as long-sleeved shirts, caps, and sunglasses if you go out in the sun. Utilise a high-quality sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 to protect your skin from UV rays. Additionally, tanning beds and sunlamps can cause skin damage.

3. Smoking

Smoking is detrimental to your health and can increase the chance of problems after varicose veins treatment in Singapore. Smoking can cause constriction of the blood vessels and a decrease in blood flow, which can retard the healing process. In addition, smoking might increase the likelihood of blood clots, which can result in severe consequences. If you smoke, you must quit or abstain from smoking after your treatment. Your physician can offer advice and assistance to help you quit smoking.

4. Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol use might hinder the healing process and raise the risk of problems following treatment for varicose veins in Singapore. Alcohol can enlarge blood arteries, which can rupture treated veins. Additionally, alcohol might increase the likelihood of bruising, bleeding, and other problems. Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours following treatment. As directed by your physician, return alcohol to your diet gradually.

5. Neglecting Follow-up Care

After varicose veins treatment in Singapore, it is crucial to follow up with your physician and adhere to their prescribed care plan. Follow-up care neglect might raise the risk of problems and prolong the healing process. Your physician may prompt you to wear compression stockings, take medicine, or make certain modifications to your lifestyle to aid recovery. Attend all follow-up appointments and report any unexpected symptoms to your doctor.

In conclusion, varicose vein therapy is a widespread and successful method for alleviating varicose vein symptoms. See your physician about any concerns about vascular surgery in Singapore, and adhere to their recommendations to facilitate healing. You can return to everyday activities and experience improved leg health with proper care.

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