April 22, 2024

Videos in email can help with improving the engagement rate. It has been noted that including the word “video” in the email subject line has increased the email open rates. If you effectively plan and execute, video email marketing could be a powerful marketing tool for drawing your target audiences’ interest towards your brand and products. As you continue to read, we will be discussing some tips to run video email marketing effectively and its associated benefits. Before that, let’s make sure your email list is well built and healthy. If you haven’t yet, you need not worry about it, here is what you could do;  

Use email finder tools like GetEmail.io to find email addresses for free. This is quick, easy, and very accurate.    

How to find email addresses for free?

You can find email addresses for free by entering your prospects’ name and company domain. By using big data and machine learning algorithms, the tool will locate the correct email address format.  

It’s as simple as that.  

Now, let us look at some benefits associated with video email marketing;    

Video email marketing – benefits

No one can deny but agree that video emails outperform email communications. One of the major benefits of sending video emails is that it intrigues your prospects and improves the engagement rate.   

Here are some additional benefits of video email marketing;    


Video saves the time of both receivers and the sender. It has the power to convey information about a product or service in less time. You would have noticed that even complex subjects can be easily understood with video in less time.

Impactful on the recipients

Videos are highly significant for marketing strategies for being so intriguing. Email subscribers find videos interesting and effective when compared to text. As a result, emails with video have more impact on the recipients.

Improves Google search ranking

One of the super advantages of video email marketing is the enhanced Google search ranking. As you might be knowing, an online video can go viral easily and draw huge attention from the audience.      Now, let us have a look at some tips to get started with a video email marketing campaign;  

– Layout your campaign plan and then start working towards it.  

– Use high-quality equipment to shoot the video, this will get you excellent results.  

– Keep your videos as short as possible. Because lengthy videos do not appeal to the audience and sometimes you may even lose prospects.  

– Share your video content on major platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc., for more reach and traffic.  

– Test your videos or ask for feedback from your friends, colleagues, etc., before making your video live. You may ask them for pieces of advice and you should never take them for granted.   

– If you have lengthy content, the best option is to go for a series of videos. This works out amazingly – people will be excited to know what’s coming up next.  

– Try mentioning the word “video” in your email subject line. As mentioned in the beginning, it is noted to have increased the email open rate.  

– Have a clear, prominent call to action.    

Final thoughts

You may try the tips shared in this article for your next video email marketing campaign. I am sure you will have an improvement in your audience engagement.

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