June 20, 2024

What are the best free amazon seller tools?

Without having to spend hundreds of dollars a month, free Amazon tools for sellers can really up your Amazon selling game. Amazon imposes ASIN level quantity limits to assist guarantee that sellers have a variety of products. You may monitor your inventory activity, monitor your IPI score, and even get suggestions and guidance from Amazon themselves on how to use your inventory more effectively. To know more about amazon seller tools you can visit the below link:


The FBA program is constantly developing and being updated by Amazon. Fortunately, they have a reasonably effective system in place that alerts vendors to new updates and features as they become available. The main challenge here is remaining current and implementing the appropriate adjustments as they are communicated. The best tools are always worthwhile investing in, but until you have the cash to spend on these kinds of things, here are the best free tools for Amazon sellers.

  • Scientific Seller

This is a favorite free Amazon tool by far is Scientific Seller. You may discover long-tail keywords with little competition using Scientific Seller. Use the “stuff” words in your listing keywords along with the keywords from your PPC campaign.

  • Unicorn Smasher

The Unicorn Smasher is a fantastic tool, but when you first open it up, be ready for a bizarre appearance. There are numerous images and colors to navigate. When you do, a fantastic tool with a wealth of fantastic features, like monthly estimates, revenue forecasts, data analysis, and more, will be at your disposal.

  • CamelCamelCamel

An excellent tool for FBA users is the Google Chrome Extension CamelCamelCamel. The plugin gives you the most recent information on pricing development and product sales rankings. Additionally, it can notify you anytime the cost of a specific item decreases.

  • Keepa

Another Chrome Extension that is comparable to CamelCamelCamel is Keepa. Price history charts, price drop notifications, price watches, daily drops, and browser add-ons are all offered by the extension. Keepa concentrates on a product’s recent history, whereas CamelCamelCamel examines its long-term and overall performance.

  • FBA Calculator for Amazon

The whole struggle of selling on Amazon goes beyond simply knowing what keywords and prices to use for your products. Additionally, you must to be able to determine a product’s profit margin after expenses and levies. FBA Calculator for Amazon is fantastic since, after installation, you can use it directly from the product page.

  • Google trends

Keywords have their own patterns and historical tendencies, just like goods and prices do. You may find out more about the historical performance of keywords using Google Trends. The information will help you determine the best times to use particular keywords.

  • Google Keyword Planner

You can examine how much traffic a keyword typically receives in Google Search using Google Keyword Planner. We advise utilizing Google Keyword Planner as an alternative when looking for popular items because Amazon does not track its keyword traffic amounts.

  • AMZBase

Start using AMZ Base right away to quickly find ASINs and descriptions. To outperform the competition, find product historical prices.

To fulfill the demands of both its customers and the businesses who use the platform, Fulfillment by Amazon is continually evolving and adapting. With the FBA service, staying current on the most recent updates and additions may help firms satisfy consumer demand and maintain their competitive edge.