May 28, 2024
  • There are spherical contact lenses. These lenses provide the same enhanced vision from the different parts of the lens. It can be used for both short-sightedness and long-sightedness.
  • Toric contact lenses have a different power for a vision from the different areas of the lens. These lenses are also used to treat the diseases mentioned above. Only a doctor or a certified professional can tell you about the type of lens suitable for you.
  • Multi-focal contact lens is also another type. This has the basic feature of the above-mentioned lenses and also has some more features in it.
  • Cosmetic contact lenses are not intended to provide you with enhanced vision. These are only intended for giving different shades to your eyes so that you can properly fit into the desired scenario. These lenses provide special effects, and these are also used for Halloween.

Why contact lenses are used lesser than glasses?

Contact lenses are widely used to provide enhanced vision without having any effect on your appearance. However, colored contact lenses can also enhance your appearance while that is not the case with glasses. Some people look much better in glasses while others don’t. It is kind of a mixed thing and difficult to explain. Coming back to the contact lenses, these are classified based on the material used. These are also classified on the basis of the time frame for which you can wear these lenses. These lenses are used lesser than glasses. The reason is that contact lenses are a bit expensive and you have to learn a proper method of using them. Glasses are easier to use; thus most people prefer to use glasses.

You can use both contact lenses and glasses but not at the same time:

There are many benefits of contact lenses. There are also some disadvantages associated with its use. The same goes for glasses. Both things are being used because none of these two is perfect. You can use both contact lenses and glasses. While using contact lenses there is a higher chance of developing some sort of eye infection or irritation. This irritation usually comes because of dryness in the eye or it can also develop because of your negligence. The lens stays above your eyes all day so you need some special measures in order to protect your eyes. You must have glasses so that you can use these glasses during the period of infection and then you can continue using contact lenses.

What makes the choice of contact lenses difficult for people?

There are a lot of different types of contact lenses in the market. It is a simple rule that the more the number of choices are the more difficult it will be to choose one. Don’t confuse yourself with these types. You can see coloured contact lenses Brisbane to see some trending contact lenses and you can get these lenses at about half of the price of the lens in Australia. You should also visit a doctor before regularly using contact lenses.