July 18, 2024

Despite a majority of people may have flunked in school or slept during the English grammar classes, it would be pertinent to mention here that grammar rules in English have become essentially imperative when it comes to writing in the language.

It would help you understand the basic rules to be a professional note or a simple informal note to a friend. It would also help you largely to make use of good and appropriate grammar to get your point across in a quick and effective manner. It would also lay emphasis on what you intend to say rather than how you decide on saying the thing.

Understanding the Grammar rules in English

You may come across a plethora of grammar rules in English to talk about. However, only a few would be deemed absolutely essential that you need to keep in mind. These would be essential to serving the most basic purposes.

Two distinct Methods of approaching Grammar

It would be pertinent to mention here that grammar, regardless of the language would be approached in two distinct methods, namely

● Descriptive

It would be based on the methodical analysis of an entire text. It would describe the structure of grammar.

● Prescriptive

It would help you make an attempt to using all the rules of a specific language that has been identified as a mode to governing the linguistic behaviors of the speaker. It would go further and would be concerned with a couple of disputed in the English grammar. It would often represent the different changes by its gradual usage over the passage of time.

It would not be wrong to suggest that grammar rules in English would be best described as a body having several rules to describe all kinds of properties under the English language. You should rest assured that any specific language would be designed in a manner that all the essential elements would be present in it and should be combined in accordance with specific patterns.

Importance of Tenses

It would not be wrong to suggest that tense would refer to the time. It would largely depend on the time taking place in the sentence that you had constructed. Regardless of the time you intend to choose, it should be constant throughout the entire writing.

In the event of you talking about something happened last month, then, it would imperative that you should remain at that moment while referring the incident in the present times. You would come across three major forms of tenses in English grammar such as past, present and future tenses.

Therefore, it would be in your best interest to understand and have a better idea about English grammar rules in order to deal with the beautiful language perfectly.