June 16, 2024
What do you need to know about CBD, marijuana cannabis

Image Source: grizzlyherb.com

Are you confused between marijuana and CBD? If so, you are now in the right place. That is to say, CBD is cannabidiol while cannabis is marijuana in the first place. That’s just a simple introductory difference; let’s see more by visiting grizzlyherb.com. Before you can buy a CBD or cannabis product, you need to know the basic difference so you can shop what you pay for.

The first frequently asked question is often about the difference between marijuana and cannabis. People want to make it clear whether both are different things or the same things so that they can take the next step accordingly. If you are not sure about cannabis and marijuana, you are hardly alone, let’s face it.

All too often, people do not have a clear-cut idea about cannabis and marijuana. It is in this context that people in the majority think that marijuana and cannabis are the same things or there is no difference between both of them. What about you? Can you use them interchangeably? Overall, it can be said that some effects of both elements are the same, but that does not mean they are the same things.

The generator or producer of all cannabis-based products

You may be surprised to hear, but it is an undeniable fact that cannabis is a broad-spectrum term while marijuana is a different case. That being said, every product that is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant is referred to as cannabis. In simpler words, cannabis is a plant, from which, different products are extracted from its different parts.

That probably has a lot to do with the fact that the plant cannabis sativa is the generator or producer of all cannabis-based products, so cannabis is simply the name of the plant more than anything else. Most people do not even know that the cannabis plant is found to have hundreds of natural chemicals that can be extracted differently and separately to make different and separate products for different and separate purposes.

It makes no logic to use ‘marijuana’ and ‘cannabis’ interchangeably

It is always best to ensure that you are going to buy the right cannabis-extracted products depending on your particular need simply because the plant boasts 540 chemical substances that can be taken out of it. When talking about the term marijuana, it is a simple extract from the plant cannabis sativa. Products that are prepared by extracting THC or tetrahydrocannabinol can be referred to as ‘marijuana’ products while cannabis is simply the name of the whole plant.

Now that, things are clearer to you, you can see the absurdity of the situation with the conclusion that it makes no logic to use ‘marijuana’ and ‘cannabis’ interchangeably. You cannot say that marijuana or cannabis are the same things as marijuana consists of THC only that is driven from the cannabis plant. THC is a naturally found chemical in cannabis that may alter your mindset directly, so the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is not uncommon in the world, to be honest with you.