June 3, 2023

Litter picks have for a long time been an essential part of rubbish removal London efforts spearheaded by Clearabee. During these endeavors, the entire community gets to come together to clean the neighborhood and ensure that it is free of rubbish. London, for instance, has a huge rubbish problem that has been brought about by the fact that it has more than 8 million residents.

Having this huge population in a limited space, more so in areas with big high rise buildings is bound to create a problem. It is, therefore, important to ensure that there is continued community participation for rubbish removal London to work.

But while working as a community helps the city to get rid of all the unwanted rubbish, there is still a need for the city and the residents to work with verified and reliable partners such as Clearabee.

Why Do Litter Picks Matter?

To start with, the litter picks are crucial in ridding the city of any rubbish that may be lying about in the streets and drainage systems. Often, you will find that the rubbish removal London services offered by the city tend to be spread too thin, which means that they are unlikely to function as well as the residents would lie.

For this reason, communities are encouraged to come together to ensure that the city and their neighborhoods remain clear of all trash. Apart from making the neighbourhood clean and aesthetically pleasing, getting rid of the rubbish is also important for safety and health reasons.

Litter picks also present the community with a chance to come together and bond. When you look at the urban setting, you will realize that many of the city residents are often too busy during the week to interact with their neighbors. The rubbish removal activities, therefore, makes it possible for them to get to know each other.

This is an opportunity to learn about what each person does for a living, their interests, as well as their names. In addition to this, the litter picks also presents an opportunity for the participants to learn about environmental awareness. The participants get to learn of the methods they can apply to ensure that they do not harm the ecosystem.

Community members who take part in these activities get to acquire knowledge on how their actions are likely to impact the environment that they live in.

Litter Picks Help to Ensure that the Waterways Remain Clean

Truth be told, rubbish has become a major menace not only on the London streets but in the city rivers as well. River Thames is a good example. Its banks and waterways are filled with all kinds of plastics. When the river is not cleaned, the plastics eventually find their way into the ocean.

The presence of plastics in the oceans is harmful to marine life. This is the sole reason why the London community is encouraged to try and ensure that it does not dump any plastic along the river banks. Plastics present in the waterways will also need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

The length of the River Thames means that different communities need to pool their resources together to make the clean-up efforts work. It is not possible for a single community to get rid of all the rubbish and plastic present along its length.

Getting Rid of the Rubbish During a Litter Pick Exercise

Despite the fact that litter picks tend to be communal events, there is also a need for the community to liaise with rubbish removal London companies. A company like Clearabee will ensure that the rubbish collected during the clean-up exercise gets disposed of correctly.

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