July 19, 2024

When it comes to sliding barn doors you likely think of a garage or shed. However, interior sliding doors can be an elegant addition to your home or office space. If you’ve never considered interior sliding barn doors before, here are just a few reasons why you need to consider adding such to your home or office setting. 

Save Space

One of the top reasons why you need to consider interior sliding barn doors is because it is a space saver. The sliding doors do not open into a room or hall. There might be times where you have a desk or other furniture where a door might open. With an interior sliding barn doors this no longer is a problem. It simply opens and closes without ever blocking important space. 

More Sizing Options

When you go with a traditional door you have a basic door size. While there are some slight variants to the size of your door all of the weight is placed on the side hinges, so the door can’t be all that wide. If you want a wider opening you’ll need a double-French door opening, which takes up even more space. However, with interior sliding barn doors this is no longer an issue. You can determine the size of your opening and then the door is adjusted to meet the size. As the weight of the door is absorbed by the railing above the door and not by hinges on the side, the size and shape of the door is not an issue. So if there is a particular size or shape you’d like, the team at The Sliding Door Company can work with you.

Instant Partitions

Perhaps you’d like to add a partition inside of a room and would like a door that can open and shut, but you don’t want a physical wall and hinge-based door. When this is the case you can add a sliding bar door into the room. This way, you’ll instantly be able to partition off part of the room, if you’d like. Interior sliding barn doors give you more design options inside of your home or office than a traditional door. Plus, if you’d like to learn other ways sliding doors can help, feel free to give the team at The Sliding Door Company a call. 

When it comes to interior sliding barn doors, The Sliding Door Company is here to help. So whether there’s a style you’re interested in, you want to know more about how the sliding boors can save you space, or are ready to book an in home or office consultation, now is the time to give The Sliding Door Company a call.