May 21, 2024

Even for a modern city like Singapore, women in its community still experience gender-related issues that men rarely encounter. Society is slowly seeing and accepting the crucial role of the female force in the state, but we still have a long way to go to achieve gender equality through women empowerment.

But through collective thinking and action, we could turn every community into a safe space for all genders. Everyone would experience the same benefits men have been reaping for centuries if people worked together to support, respect, and lift women. Aside from supporting female leaders and advocating for equal rights, here’s what you can do to get involved with the women empowerment movement in Singapore:

#1. Rethink Your Views

The majority of our thoughts and beliefs have influences from the patriarchy, or a social system that centres around and benefits men. These views rarely gain women, so we need to question and replace them with sentiments that would include the needs and rights of every women association in Singapore.

#2. Speak Up And Educate

Society is brimming with gender-related issues that often put women at a disadvantage. By noticing these problems, informing the public about them, and figuring out ways to solve them without degrading the female sex, you are already taking a massive step to advocate for women empowerment.

#3. Support Female-led Institutions

From women-owned businesses to NGOs that provide student care services to female students, promote institutions in your community that are established by or aim to benefit women. They rarely get enough attention since people often see the female sex as weak and incompetent, so make sure to support them.

#4. Participate In Volunteer Programmes

Joining volunteering opportunities in Singapore is one of the best ways to advocate for women. Through collective effort, you and your team could call for better support and action for women in the community.

The PersatuanPemudi Islam Singapura or the Singapore Muslim Women’s Association is a non-profit association that works alongside women through its programmes. By joining their team through their website below, you could get involved with women empowerment in the state.