April 18, 2024

One of the most difficult parts of achieving sober living is combating peer pressure. In fact, recent studies conducted by the Drug and Alcohol Review indicate that close relationships push casual drinking into heavy drinking (5 drinks or more) simply by being together. Women are even more at-risk during co-ed social events. This puts those focused on recovery into a spiral of doubt, depression, and hopelessness.

However, the study concludes that close social groups who abstain from alcohol can dramatically decrease the drinking habits of the individual. Having community with others who share similar passions, interests, and needs push us to focus more on our personal habits.

Not everyone has the support they need to make strong commitments to change. For this, sober living facilities may be the perfect fit.

What are sober living facilities, and how do they work?

Basics and Benefits

RECO women’s sober living Delray Beach facilities are residential, community-based addiction recovery programs, passionate about changing the lives of everyone who walks through the door. Members live together like roommates, sharing living space with 9 other facility members. Unlike outpatient programs alone, sober living facilities offer an enforceable accountability program to ensure the success of every client.

RENO Institute offers two luxury sober living facilities for women in Delray Beach, each with their own unique features. Both The Hart and The Parker feature a warm and relaxing atmosphere, within walking distance of the beach and local shopping.

Support Systems

RENO’s sober living facilities on Delray Beach foster a strong sense of community, one of the most foundational facets of the addiction recovery process. Curfew and wake-up times are enforced in order to provide the highest level of accountability possible. Surrounded by peers and a dedicated 12-step sponsor, clients are well on their way to recovery in a period as short as 30 days.

Encouraging Change

Random drug and alcohol testing is done in order to ensure commitment to change, and all clients must be attending treatment counselling, actively seeking employment, enrolled in school, or be volunteering in the community to continue as a client. This helps to ensure that all facility members are pushing towards positive personal equity.

It’s Never Too Late

Addiction recovery is never an easy feat, but it doesn’t need to be done alone. RECO women’s sober living Delray Beach facilities offer state-of-the-art addiction recovery and support programs in the beautiful Delray Beach, just minutes from Florida’s most popular shops and restaurants.

Contact RECO today to speak with some of our professional and caring staff online, and secure your place in one of our sober living facilities. Recovery — and community — is only a step away.

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