May 22, 2024

Your Guideline For Buying Rolex Yacht-Master

The Rolex Yacht Master belongs to the diversified sports watch series. Buyers can choose from amongst the broadest variety of case metals when buying the watch. Besides, they can also order from different sizes, bezel materials and impressive bracelet styles.

 Over three decades, Rolex launched more than dozens of Yacht-Master references. The brand, however, discontinued some of the references. But the nautical-inspired Rolex Yacht-Master is still the frontrunner of the brand lineup.

Who Buys Rolex Yacht-Master?

The two different Rolex Yacht models sharing similar names are:

  • Yacht-Master 
  • Yacht-Master II

The original Yacht-Master is the brand’s luxurious attempt on their already famous sports watches. The Rolex Yacht-Master II was however designed to halt the regattas during competitive sailing. People who enjoy boat lounging are the ones who prefer wearing Yacht-Master. The Yacht-Master II is worn by those who love to race. Both the Yacht-Master series are popular for their sophisticated designs and unmatched quality.

How Much Does A Rolex Yacht-Master Cost?

Owing to the availability of Rolex Yacht-Master collection materials and sizes, the prices might significantly vary. The smaller Yacht-Master models might be available at a cheaper price than the larger models in the markets. The larger models embedded with valuable metals are the most expensive.

What To Know About Rolex Yacht-Master Before Buying Them?

First launched in 1992, Rolex Yacht-Master has over the years broadened its suit of models by incorporating innovative mechanical upgrades and intricate details.

The Different Yacht-Master Materials

Rolex doesn’t make yellow-gold models of their original Yacht-Master model. But they have rather introduced Everose as its replacement in rose gold alloy combined with 18k white. The white gold model’s 42mm version is the only series from the collection.

  • Yellow Gold model (discontinued)
  • Yellow Two-tone Rolesor (discontinued)
    Everose Gold
  • Everose two-tone Rolesor
  • White Goold
  • Rolesium

Rolex Yacht-Master: Bracelet

The Yach-Master comes either in Oysterflex or an Oyster bracelet. The popular Oyster bracelet with three links is the brand’s staple. Rolex has its entire collection based on the Oyster bracelet including the Yacht-Master. The Oysterflex bracelet was launched in 2015 and was featured on the Yacht-Master’s Everose gold version. The Oysterflex is a rubber bracelet which is metal blade reinforced.

Rolex Yacht: Bezel

The case material is the determining factor of the bezel’s aesthetics and materials. The bezels in Yacht-Master are available in the following:

  • 950 Solid Platinum 
  • 18k Gold paired with polished and raised numerals.

You will also find Cerachrom matte black ceramic bezels that come with raised numerals present on the Yacht-Master 18k gold versions.

The Rolex Yacht-Master is the best investment option for collections mainly because of its historical value and unique sporty look. Besides, it is a luxurious watch which comes fitted with valuable metals, making it a precious possession.