July 15, 2024

Hyundai Creta is Blockbuster SUV car with 5 engine gearbox options. Picking up the best Hyundai Creta is a daunting task. If you are thinking to buy it, then you are in the right place. This is an article in which we will discuss the top 5 variants of Hyundai Creta. Give a closer look at the article to know more:

HYUNDAI CRETA 1.6 E: This is the top-selling variant these days because of the features and specifications. Hyundai Creta 1.6 E is having a mileage of 15.87 km/l with maximum torque power of 151 Nm @ 4500 rpm. Whereas the engine displacement is 1591 cc with maximum power of121.3 Bhp @6400 rpm.

This is the best car because of the safety features also. This car offers Anti-lock braking systems, air conditioners, special locks, etc. Therefore, the Hyundai Creta price on the road is around 9.87 lakhs.

HYUNDAI CRETA 1.4 E PLUS: Creta 1.4 E Plus is a variant that is available with diesel fuel type only. Hence, it is made in both manual and automatic transmissions. To buy this car, you can easily check the Creta on-road price.

The mileage of Hyundai Creta 1.4 E Plus is up to 22.1 km/l. the outstanding mileage of this car helps people in smooth and proper driving. The engine capacity is 1369 cc with power of88.7 Bhp @ 4000 rpm. Therefore, the torque power is also good, it is up to 219.7 Nm @ 1700 rpm.

HYUNDAI CRETA 1.6 EX: This is again the best variant of Hyundai Creta and is available with petrol fuel type only. People can buy this car because this is a car with advanced features. 1.6 EX is having height-adjustable seats that mean people can easily adjust the seats according to them. This is a car having a proper infotainment player that can be attached to apple also. All the features of this car are very much good.

If you are thinking to buy this car, then this is a perfect decision. Therefore, the Hyundai Creta petrol automatic on-road price is 10.10 lakhs.

HYUNDAI CRETA 1.4 EX: Creta 1.4 Ex is having diesel as the base variant. Therefore the fuel and engine capacity of this car is 55 l and 1396 cc respectively. This is the best model of Hyundai Creta with the mileage of 25.4 km/l and torque power 219.7 Nm @ 1400 rpm.

It has a power steering that is very much effective in multi-functioning. There is the availability of Fog lights front and rear also. Buying this car will surely give you an enjoyable journey. Go and check the Creta sx price on road, if thinking to buy.

CRETA 1.6 SX: 1.6 SX Creta is having a mileage of 15.8 km/l and the torque power is 151 Nm @ 4850 rpm. Hence, engine capacity and fuel capacity is also good. There is the availability of special features such as Multi functioning steering wheel, power windows rear, wheel covers, air conditioners, passenger airbags, driver airbags, etc.

Having this car is worth buying. Therefore, the Hyundai Creta diesel on-road price is around 12.27 lakhs.

These all above mentioned are the variants that should be bought by people.