July 15, 2024

For studying in Australia, getting in touch with the universities all by oneself is a tedious and painstaking process. In such a situation, a resource like CatEight can come across being very useful for the students.

Studying in Australia is an exceedingly positive prospect for students from abroad. One gets exposure to global culture and comes across peers from all across the world. It gives one access to the finest of education around the world and opens up new horizons.

For the process of applying for the universities, CatEight comes across as a useful resource. A student may nevertheless feel that using CatEight offers elaborate information regarding courses, and making a selection becomes difficult. Similarly, in order to complete the forms and formalities, it is best to take the aid of an individual who is well experienced regarding the procedures. An experienced guide would be able to make sure that a student can apply for all courses at any of the universities he wants to go for, and the procedures stay hassle-free.

Course Finder of CatEight helps agents search for courses quickly

The first step for enrolling in a university of choice is figuring out the course that one wants to go for. A student may choose to go ahead and figure out the courses and universities he is interested in. It is a feasible alternative.

Alternately, an agent can find out the courses that a student may want to go for, based upon the students’ qualifications and interests. An agent is a position to figure out the most feasible courses for a student and is likely to come up with some better choices that a student figures out by himself.

There are a number of factors that define the feasibility of a course for an overseas student. It may involve quality of education, residing facilities in the vicinity of institution and facilities for the overall development of the scholar. Course finder of CatEight is a good resource for agents and student alike.

CatEight provides technological resources for courses and visa applications.

The positive aspect of using CatEight is the portal’s specialization in course applications, agent search, educational institution search, and course search. Each of the search functionalities is presented in a user-friendly format at the CatEight website. CatEight also enables visa application management assistance for aboard students and agents.

Through the website, students are empowered to complete course application forms and receive an application document list which is system generated and accurate. One can upload files via the system and make a choice at the methods available for submission. Tracking application progress is simplified with the software. One can also manage files and related information.

Study abroad agent helps students make university applications

While students can find agents to help them with the application processes over CatEight, agents too can figure out student clients over CatEight. In most cases, a single agency worker is responsible for many students. If it is twenty students that he takes charge of, he repeats the application processes twenty times.

CatEight is a platform that simplifies the work for agency workers. An agent can set up accounts for student clients, and the students can fill in their profile information by themselves.

Agents can then cite the profiles directly to Course Application of CatEight. Filling in profile information repeatedly is not required.

By using the same application form, an agent can apply for multiple courses offered by different universities. The courses need to be searched and selected from CatEight portal.

The next step is to upload all of the documents and click on submit. To each of the selected universities, course application will be submitted.

Procedures of applying for universities are simplified with CatEight

In the dearth of CatEight, a procedure for filling university admission applications for student clients is a tedious task. A typical situation in this regard is that students prepare tests like IELTS, TOFEL, and GRE on a foreign education agency worker’s recommendation. They provide university required documents and wait for university offers.

In the meantime, if an agent does not use CatEight, he logs on to each website’s and admin individually and checks out information such as courses offered. Application forms are characteristically many pages in length. While the information required is similar for different universities, an agent needs to fill in the information over and over again. This makes it tedious.

Figuring out the right universities for sending application is a tedious task as well. Undergrads subject preferences and academic strengths need to be known for the same, along with university preferences. For graduate applicants, it is important to know the course type and direction of specialization.

Only a few universities will meet the requirement set for a student from an elaborate list. The agent then applies to those universities with student information.

CatEight simplifies this difficulty for agents. It enables students to fill in the forms for themselves, rather than the agents doing it for them. An agent can apply for 5 or more universities using the same application form. Similarly, the search for courses and universities is simplified with the course finder tool. Tracking application status is easier.

CatEight is an internet tool that simplifies procedures for students and studies abroad agency workers alike.