July 15, 2024

Aside from newborn diapers in Singapore, there are diapers for adults, too. But why would adults wear diapers? Urinary incontinence is a health condition where urine leaks involuntarily. There are tons of risk factors for urinary incontinence. Firstly, age. As people grow older, their pelvic floor muscles responsible for controlling the bladder become weak. When it is weak, it cannot contract or relax properly, ergo, bladder leakage.

Secondly, prostate cancers, tumours, and other prostate issues can add pressure to the bladder. It results in stress incontinence.

Thirdly, health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s, the disease can inhibit a person’s ability to control their intestines and bladder.

In these situations, giving your seniors Tena diapers in Singapore is a great help.

Here are the factors to consider when adult diapers in Singapore:

  1. SIZE

Like diapers for babies, adult diapers come in different sizes as well. It is necessary to get the right size of diaper. Too loose diapers tend to fall off and cause an overflow of urine. On the other hand, being too tight may cause rashes along the crotch.

Diaper manufacturers have different definitions of small, medium, and large diapers, so you cannot solely rely on them. The smartest decision is to measure the waist width just below the belly button, then the hip, and the thighs.


The absorbency capacity of your diaper relies on the incontinence severity. Most manufacturers indicate in their packaging if the absorbency of their diapers is for light, moderate, and heavy incontinence levels.

Before buying a diaper for adults, ensure that you know their incontinence level to prevent overflow and leakage later on

  1. ZTYPE

Similar to baby diapers in Singapore, there are several types of adult diapers. Pull-up briefs have a similar structure as regular underwear. Disposable diapers are just like baby diapers with velcro strips on either side. A belted diaper has elastic straps that fasten the ends of the diaper pad. It has more open sides than pull-up and disposable ones


Unlike babies, adult urine smells unpleasant. It is not surprising that adult diapers have stronger odour elimination quality. You can guarantee that adult diapers in Singapore with breathable layers and moisture and odour locker can eliminate or neutralise the unpleasant smell.

Keep these things in mind when shopping for Tena diapers in Singapore.

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