July 19, 2024

Everyone’s hands occasionally hurt. Sometimes I spend the entire day typing, and my fingers become sore, or I jam a finger playing basketball or using a hammer. It was time for me to see a hand doctor, but the pain worsened and persisted for weeks. In addition, most injuries and disorders can cause pain and impair hand function. Therefore, if you have a hand condition that is causing you pain or preventing you from performing normal daily activities, it may be time to see a hand specialist for the expert care you require. I consulted a hand and wrist specialist in Singapore due to the following signs.

1. Restricted Finger Motion

As I may have had tendonitis, it was prudent of me to see a female hand surgeon when my fingers ached or were immobile. I discovered that my symptoms were at their worst in the morning and gradually diminished throughout the day. If you ever experience a popping sensation, a clicking sound when you move your fingers, or pain when you attempt to straighten your fingers, you may have a trigger finger. It occurs when the flexor tendons in your hands become inflamed and can no longer glide through the pulley-like channels in your fingers.

2. I Drop Things

I began dropping items more frequently, so I consulted a hand and wrist specialist in Singapore. It was especially alarming when I couldn’t explain why I dropped it. When a simple object, such as a coffee cup, falls out of a person’s hand without warning, they notice it the most. Typically, you are embarrassed that you dropped it, but you are unaware that there is a medical reason for it. These indications may prove carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. I Can’t Make a Fist

I know several factors can make it tough to make a fist, but I had trouble doing so myself. As for you, it could be a problem with your tendons, nerves, or joints. Carpal tunnel syndrome can make it hard to make a fist because it weakens the hands. It may also mean osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis in its early stages. Similarly, when tendons are inflamed, they can limit the finger’s range of motion. I visited a female hand surgeon who could diagnose my condition and assist me in developing a treatment plan.

4. Pain When I Sleep

Nighttime pain was one of the first indicators that prompted me to consult a hand specialist. My hands hurt enough to keep me up, or I may wake up every morning with an odd sensation in my hands. It was time to see a doctor if I felt compelled to shake or flick my hands in the morning. During sleep, many of us curl our wrists and maintain this position for an extended time. It can put tension on the median nerve in the wrist, causing a wrist sprain and carpal tunnel syndrome. As your condition worsens, you may experience these symptoms longer, especially when driving or holding a phone.

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