July 20, 2024

Water is an integral part of our daily lives as we use it for relevant varying purposes such as watering plants and drinking. On average, an American uses 85-100 gallons of water each day, as recorded by the United States Department of Energy.

As water benefits us in different ways, we should take care of our plumbing systems. If water needs treatment from plumbing companies in Florida and other water purification plants to ensure its cleanliness and safety, your pipes require the same attention in terms of maintenance. Their life span also matters as without them, experiencing water disruptions and water contaminations are inevitable consequences.

Before tapping plumbing services Punta Gorda FL for professional help or when your budget is short for an immediate check-up, here are some tips to consider to prolong your overall plumbing system:

Keep clogs away from the drain.

Homeowners should never forget to lessen their garbage disposal through the drain, or at best, don’t throw chunks of leftover food or shells and peels. 

If taken for granted, such solid components get stuck in your drain and remain there for a while, causing clogs that affect water quality. Residents can also avoid clogging by buying and using drain brushes to clean and remove food and other deposits present in the drain. 

In the bathroom and comfort room, inhabitants may purchase a drain cover to keep falling hair away from the drain. In that way, they maintain their smooth-sailing water flow and protect the pipes against clogs. Preferring a plunger is a better choice than chemical cleaners as the latter can leave a dangerous residue.

Use water softeners

Hard water develops in the presence of sediments, like magnesium and calcium, in the water. And that’s not good for your plumbing system. Aside from affecting your home appliances like washing machines and showers, it also damages and clogs the pipes.

Avoiding hardness-causing elements from hampering your access to clean and safe water became easier with water softeners. It is a cost-effective approach to deal with sediment formation essential for prolonging your house water system.

Check water pressure

One wouldn’t want to forget the importance of water pressure in maintaining pipes. If the pressure pasts 45 to 80 psi, the plumbing system will endure stress and weaken as long as the problem persists.

To avoid such circumstances, install a water pressure gauge and regulator to check, manage, and keep the pressure at a safer level.

Brace for colder temperature

When the colder season comes, it’s bad news for water pipes. Well, running water will frost inside ducts, and at worst, burst. 

Turn off the water supply to save your wallet from going empty because of repairs. Besides, you may also insulate your water pipes to lessen heat loss and increase water temperature up to 4° Fahrenheit. It may cost you lots of money in the meantime, yet prevent future haphazard in the long run.

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