September 29, 2023

Hosting a cocktail party is never easy. You need to start preparing for it at least a week before, and you will still face some last-minute complications. Keep the party going with Toronto’s newest after hours alcohol delivery company!

Here is all you need to know about hosting a party.


There is no cocktail party without cocktails. First, you need to come up with a cocktail menu. Then, get all the ingredients needed to make those cocktails. The glasses, the shakers, the straws, and every other thing that you have seen at a bar. You need to start making the list way in advance to do all the shopping. You would also need someone to make all those cocktails for your guests, preferably an expert.

A few must-have options are the cosmopolitan, the different types of martinis, and the mojitos. Make sure to stock up on your ice reserves to get the party going, as you would need it the most to keep the drinks cool. You will need a few different glasses for all the different types of drinks and don’t forget to get a cabinet full of tissues for the party.

Other things like soda, orange juice, coke, lemons, and so on need to be fresh for the party, and as a rule of thumb, there should be two of everything for every guest you would be inviting. Make sure that you get a professional to handle the drinks, and do not forget some coffee or tea for people who love parties but do not love alcohol as much.

The food.

For the food in any cocktail party, there are a few simple ground rules. First, focus more on snacks as it does not fill you up as much, and you would be able to enjoy the drinks more that way. Since most people who show up to a cocktail party do not wish to have a proper meal, you can experiment with the food items on the menu and show your creativity.

Try adding as many different components to the menu as you can, put in at least one item each of meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. Do not focus more on the sweet snacks as it makes the people tipsy when combined with alcohol. Instead, serve the snacks or the food in small quantities so that people can try out more dishes.

As a rule of thumb, get at least three servings of each dish for every person you would be inviting, and do not forget to include the classics like the pizza or the taco on the menu.

The environment.

To set up the perfect environment for a classy cocktail party, you will need three major things. First is the venue that can comfortably accommodate all your guests and allow them to walk around. Secondly, the lights are very important if the place is not open-air, pick something subtle and numb. Thirdly, pick a great playlist to finally get the people in the right mood to have fun and have a great time.

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