March 18, 2023

You’ve worked a lifetime. You’re now reaping the rewards. Early mornings just for you. Late nights with friends because you don’t have to be anywhere in the morning. Life should get a lot easier. There Are some challenges along the way and we thought we’d make it easier on you. With your home being the most substantial responsibility of your life; we think there are things you should know.

Make sure you know the new living community’s primary function

What? Yes, you may think you this is a retirement community but could live in a whole other ball game. If you need assisted living, then make sure that’s what the community is for. If you want an active lifestyle with only an emergency call button as a community courtesy then make sure this is all they offer. There are too many names for these communities to mention. Visit the office and ask questions, tour the place and use your instincts.

Staffing statistics are deceiving

The trick they use here is they’re including everyone into a solid number. If you’re looking for activities and direct care, then you must ask for those numbers.

They could evict you without notice. Your future depends on the administrator.

This may be hard to swallow and they’ll not tell you this for sure because it’s borderline illegal. If they don’t like you,  deem your medical needs too demanding, if they believe you have a memory problem; and the list goes on, they may ask you to leave.

You’re told once and then evicted should you put up a fuss. That’s scary. There you are, minding your own business when you’re called into the Principal’s office. Sound familiar? Are you a teenager? No. Make sure they treat you well when you’re paying to be there and enjoy your golden years.

Your schedule is their schedule.

For those over 55 communities that have health and meal services make sure you and a family member are there to observe. One way they used to distract away from the schedule is to create a grand decorative design of the dining and other common areas. What they will neglect to tell you is that you’ll wake up at their scheduled times to receive medication and also to eat your meals.

This may prove too much for people that may still only be in their late 50s and 60s. Can you imagine being able to hold a part-time job, still run on the beach and play golf but roll over like a nursing home patient for meds? This makes no sense. What about meals?

Are you paying for these services yet, have to go to a restaurant because you aren’t hungry on their schedule? What about food quality? Again, paying to eat out because the green jello is not a good trade off for your typical chocolate ganache? These are serious things to consider saving your quality of life.

Activities are a hit or miss in 55 Retirement Living Central Florida. For this we’ll cut them a little slack. There may be cuts in the activities because of the lack of interest in them by residents. However, maybe it would resolve if they could vote on what they wanted; what a novel idea!

 Anyway, the advertised activities are not always on target. The bulletin boards are not the best sources. Especially since they’re put in the vision of all who tour typically. So, all that glitters is not gold.

Bottom line: For 55 Retirement Living Central Florida, be realistic.Know what it is you want out of life. You earned it and don’t have to settle for being controlled and moved about like cattle. You choose and when you do, do it wisely.

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