September 30, 2023

So, you are looking for something to keep the kids busy this weekend. What is there to do? There are so many options in today’s world for having fun. The choice is yours. Let’s all go camping for the weekend. Sleep under the stars, get back to nature. This is always a good choice because there is so much to do. It will keep you busy all weekend. The movie option is always available. What is playing that everyone wants to see? This is an easy choice for an afternoon. How about trying something completely new like treasure hunting, yes, treasure hunting. There are many ways to find treasure in today’s world. You don’t necessarily need a shovel and a pick anymore. A nice trip to the local trampoline & family entertainment park can be a great time. Make sure you pack a lunch and make a day of it. I have never met kids that didn’t want to go to the park. Bowling has always been a fun time for the whole family. Everyone is included and the competition can get down right intense.

Getting outside is a great way to spend time together as a family. Especially if you go camping. This will bring you closer as a family unit guaranteed. When the sun goes down and nature comes out for the nightlife, it gets fun. You will not have to wonder where the kids are. They will be right next to you. Start a fire, make dinner, roast some marshmallows and enjoy the quiet. This is family bonding time. Everyone learns to appreciate home a little more. This can make house chores easier to get done.

Going to a movie is a common way to spend time with the kids on the weekend. Who doesn’t want to go see the latest movie? There are always new movies out that everyone will want to see. Picking the movie could be a little game. Think of creative ways to have the kids “earn” their vote for the movie. This could be through games, doing house chores, or just good behavior all week. This simple idea will get everyone involved and engage them in positive reward behaviors. The discussion after the movie could be over a late lunch or dinner. This is a healthy behavior for the whole family.

Now. Treasure hunting. “Hey kids let’s go treasure hunting”. I bet the kids haven’t heard that one before. Treasure hunting is easy. Load everyone up and head down to the local flea market. Give each kid $5 and see what they can find. Yes, this is treasure hunting. See if you can find something that is worth more than $5 bucks. Find something that you can put in your collection. Maybe a real oil painting, an old piggy bank, or who knows. That is why it is called treasure hunting.

Driving to the local park and spending the day is a lot of fun. Kids love the park. The sun is shining and the grass is green, time to throw the ball around. Maybe a frisbee is your cup of tea. It doesn’t matter. As long as you are outside having fun with the kids. A trampoline & family entertainment park is a good way to have fun also. The park atmosphere is always family friendly.

So really having fun with the kids on the weekends comes down to being together. The activity is a bonus that you all can share in. The weekends should always be spent with the kids. They will grow up fast. Enjoy the time you have now. It will bring memories you’ll never forget.

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