September 26, 2023

Terpenes are a popular new-age natural substance that is extracted from certain plants and insects. The evident chemical components of terpenes give us ground to classify them as natural stimulants, like marijuana. To a large extent, we can agree that the legalization of marijuana has promoted its commercialization in the world we live in.

This development has also had an ironic significant impact on increase, in relation to its availability, and reduction, in terms of cost. Marijuana and similar products are now within reach for the general public, at shockingly affordable prices, and with the exclusion of social risk that was present pre-legalization. Most of these CBD products are now sold in public, making it easy for users to find terpenes for sale.

Relating to its general availability, we need to prompt the question of safety for all users.

Terpenes are mostly consumed through vaping (using an e-cigarette to inhale vapor) and this actually raises brows about possible health issues. Regular vaping is done with e-juice that is flavored with nicotine, chocolate or a variety of other options.

On the other hand, based on the fact that terpenes are extracted aromatic essential oils, the e-cigarettes are loaded with terpenes in oil form mixed with the e-juice flavor of choice. This alludes to a generally provable fact of nature; a consumer cannot overdose on the consumption of terpenes —just as one cannot overdose on Marijuana. The above fact answers a primary safety clause, Terpene usage does not lead to overdose (death).

The natural state of the terpene oils creates a more exotic experience for the consumer, which is heightened by the sensation from the Terpene inclusion. However, some users argue that they do not feel a ‘high’ from Terpene-vaping. Based on the diverse narratives from customer experience, we can agree that Terpene consumption may not result in destructive behavior caused by the neurotic influence of the substance.

Due to its natural state, it is quite difficult to assuage the exact chemical content (due to difference in location of plantation/grooming) but research has proven that terpenes are largely safe for consumption. Some people consume Terpene by vaping while others reportedly add it to foods and pastries. Despite being natural stimulants, terpenes do not have a lasting effect on the body’s chemical and other physiological functioning.

These points bring us to a general conclusion, the effects of terpene consumption are quite similar to marijuana usage. We can then answer the subject question without bias; terpenes ARE actually safe to consume. However, like all things taken in, consumption must be in moderation. While terpenes may not have a direct effect on the body, it is best to remain safe in practice and consumption.

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