April 22, 2024

The holiday season is supposed to be one of the most memorable seasons of the year. It’s a time when families bond together and create memories that can last a lifetime. But what if your partner is on work-mode even during this time, especially for couples where the other party serves the military? How do you survive holidays if he or she is deployed overseas?

This kind of scenario is not a rare one. Many couples experience this, and each one has their own way of coping up with this rather poignant situation. Some gift each other personalized Christmas ornaments for couples as a little souvenir, some send out a care package. Some keep themselves busy by attending several parties or visiting relatives located in different places.

If you are one of those people whose spouses you can’t spend time with during the holidays, here are nine tips on how to make this occasion still a memorable one.

Plan ahead of time. Managing holidays is something that requires planning — planning your time, your energy, and your resources. Know when your partner is leaving, and from that, make a plan accordingly.

Celebrate early or late. Depending on which days or weeks your spouse will be deployed abroad, you can still celebrate your holiday season — either earlier or later. What matters most is that you’ll be able to celebrate the essence of Christmas together.

Stay busy and focus on your work. Being a workaholic is a trait you must embody during this time of the year. Keeping yourself busy can help relieve feelings of loneliness — an emotion that one will inevitably feel when he or she is away with his or her partner.

Do your holiday traditions. Speaking of keeping yourself busy, you can also do this by continuing your holiday traditions despite the absence of your partner. Make time to decorate your home, especially with personalized Christmas ornaments for couples. Go shopping. See movies. Do your usual thing to make you feel like it’s still the holidays.

Visit your family and friends. You can also make your time more valuable by visiting loved ones — family members, relatives, friends — who live far from your area. When doing this, it’s important to really plan ahead to make sure you’ll use your time wisely.

Attend holiday parties. If someone from your circle has invited you to go to a party, say yes. This is another way of keeping yourself occupied while your partner is deployed overseas.

Volunteer in charitable organizations. Spread holiday vibes by doing voluntary work in charitable groups near your area. It’s one great way of making the most of your holiday season.

Send out gifts. Make your partner feel he or she is loved and remembered even if he or she away. Break boundaries, don’t let distance be a hindrance and send out gifts and packages like personalized Christmas ornaments for couples.

Allot time to talk with your partner using technology. Thanks to modern technology, people can now talk to other people even if they’re on the other side of the globe. Use apps like FaceTime or Skype to greet your partner, to say how you feel, and to update him or her about how you are doing during the holiday season.

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