July 20, 2024

As human beings, we have several sensory organs that help us to deal with everyday life, one of the most important sensory organs are your eyes. Your eyes primarily help in navigation but are also crucial in the enabling of other functions such as decision making.

Despite being arguably one of the most important sensory organs, the eyes can fail due to poor care and maintenance. Maintaining and caring for your eyes helps to ensure that you have a clear, sharp vision and that the eyes remain healthy for an extended period. The following are five ways to maintain healthy eyes. You should also visit various website to check for medical examination and eye care treatments conducted by professionals.

Keep your hands off your eyes

One of the main ways that the eyes are infected with bacteria and germs is through contact with dirty hands. Contact with dirty hands come in the form of rubbing the eyes; many people have developed the habit of rubbing eyes.

Rubbing the eyes with your hands leads to the irritation of the skin around the eyes and can also facilitate the transfer of germs. If you must rub your eyes with your hands, ensure that they have been adequately cleaned to prevent the transmission of bacteria or germs.

Protect the eyes from the sun

Too much exposure to sunlight and UV rays increases the chances of developing Photokeratitis or can cause cornea sunburn. You should ensure that anytime you are exposing your eyes to the sun for a prolonged period, the eyes are protected.

Protecting the eyes can be done easily through using sunglasses or preventing direct sun by staying under a shade or shelter. If you are one of those people that don’t find sunglasses so fashionable, you can try other options such as UV protected eyeglasses and contact lenses. Caps and hats can also be an excellent way to protect yourself against the sun.

Stay hydrated and don’t smoke

Hydration is vital for not only the eyes but also the whole body. Ensuring that your body is well hydrated will help you to avoid getting dry eyes. Dry eyes lead to irritation; irritation causes a desire to itch or rub the eyes regularly. This can lead to infections or injury.

Smoking makes you susceptible to illnesses such as Cataract and other conditions. Smoking has also been connected to damaging of the optic nerves. If the optic nerves are damaged, it can lead to poor vision as time passes by. Ensuring that you don’t smoke or spend time near smokers can help to maintain excellent levels of vision even through old age.

Sleep enough and eat a well-balanced diet

A well-balanced diet is crucial for not only healthy eyes but also the overall well-being of the body. The body needs foods rich in Omega-3, vitamin A, C and E, Beta-carotene amongst other nutrients to maintain healthy eyes.

It is also crucial to ensure that you get adequate sleep time each day. The body does most of the repair work, revitalization and nourishment when it’s sleeping.

Protect your eyes with safety gear

One of the primary ways to maintain your eyes is through protecting them. You should ensure that you use the necessary safety devices any time you are exposed to risks.

Ensure that any time you are swimming in a chlorinated pool; you use swimming goggles to protect against the chlorine in the water. Eyes should also be protected while working with dirt, dust, particles, chemicals and other forms of injuries.