July 19, 2024

Having an online presence through a website is the dream of every vibrant business strategy. This presence will not happen automatically just because you’ve got a website, nope, you must have a custom domain that will enable your customers to reach you easily. Having the right domain name for your site is critical for the search engines and most importantly your customers. Therefore, you must choose a name not because it’s a trend but because it makes sense to your customers. Again, the domain name you choose must be able to stand the test of time.

Following are some tips on choosing a domain name, which is relevant now, and for posterity

Do a thorough research

For you to settle on a domain name, you need to do some homework. Check out for sites that are similar to yours and your competitors’. Use the main Keywords and see the available domains. A lot happens online, someone could sell you a domain that’s been sold before, and this might make you lose money. Let your Domain Buy Services company get you a unique name that will make you stand out among the competition.

Buy a domain that is easy to remember

It’s true that you plan to optimize your site later but you still need a name that visitors will find easy to type and remember. Avoid multiple hyphens, odd spellings of words and such characters. Give your domain a name that can stick in your customers’ mouths. Again, your visitors are likely to be confused by names that have more than one spelling like ‘color’, which can also be spelt as ‘color’. Alternately, you can buy both and direct your customers from the less popular to the more popular name.

Keep away from slang

Slang doesn’t last, and therefore you could choose a name and it loses meaning in a few years. Again, your target is not only the native speakers, but there are also non-natives who could be interested in your products and slang will keep them off. Therefore, with a good name, your local and international customers will be attracted.

Stick with .com

Most people only know that domain names end with .com and therefore don’t prove them wrong. Using other endings like .org, info may confuse them and you could lose a good number of prospects. If you choose another domain ending, then you must get ready to work around your design, optimization and choose a name that is catchy and easy to remember.

Don’t choose a name similar to an existing site

Sometimes you may make a choice that slightly deviates from another site’s name. For instance, getting a plural of another sites name like lovers.com when there is another site by the name lover.com. Better still, if you feel you can’t avoid the name, your Domain Buy Services provider can buy both names and link one to the other so that when a visitor types the other, they’re redirected to your site.

The domain name you choose will determine how popular your site will be with online visitors. Remember, you need lots of these visitors and therefore you must make the name as easy and memorable as possible.