July 22, 2024

As we get older, it can become challenging to keep up with exercise and healthy eating. If you’re a senior who doesn’t have access to public transportation, it can be even more difficult to find ways to exercise and make healthier meal choices. That’s why so many children of aging parents opt for quality in home senior care instead of leaving things to chance. However, senior care, although a great option, is far from the only option. For seniors who want to keep healthy without the hassle, here are some handy health tips that make staying in shape easy at any age.

Go for Walks

Sure, it might not be the most high-impact, calorie-cutting way to get back into exercise, but walking is actually a pretty versatile way to keep the blood flowing, especially as we get older and become resistant to more strenuous workouts. Taking a walk isn’t just great for circulation and heart health, either. It can help with mental clarity as well. Even a daily ten-minute walk can be the perfect ritual for a senior who’s gently easing back into consistent exercise. A walk to a nearby cafe or community garden can also be a good way to keep social for aging adults, especially those without partners.

Try Gardening

In addition to yielding healthy results over time, gardening is a great way for seniors to keep active and get their hands dirty. If there’s a community garden or senior center nearby, joining up can be a great way to get outside, get gardening, and witness the long-term fruits of your labor as the seasons change. Gardening can also be a social activity. Trips to the community garden could become a vital part of a senior’s weekly social schedule.

Use an App for Exercise

For seniors who are interested in something a little more high-impact, there are plenty of ways to work out from home without having to worry about using heavy machinery or weights. So many apps these days, from Aaptiv to FitBit, encourage a healthier lifestyle from home by giving users access to live streams of classes and guided videos for private exercise routines. For seniors who are just starting out, it can be helpful to choose a beginner plan and start with the slower workouts, gradually building up to some of the more challenging modules.

Liven Up Your Diet

We know that overall health isn’t just about exercise. A lot of it has to do with diet as well. Today, eating a healthy, balanced diet is easier than ever before thanks to so many delivery services and senior-specific organizations dedicated to delivering healthy meals to aging adults. For seniors who love to cook and enjoy trying new, plant-based alternatives to old classics, getting a meal plan like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron could be a good way to re-energize a love of cooking while encouraging healthier eating habits. If it doesn’t work out, no problem. There are tons of services like Meals on Wheels that help seniors take advantage of plant-based meals and healthier dining options for those who find it a struggle to cook every night.