May 22, 2024

Your company’s tech support should always be at the ready. You don’t want to worry whether or not your team is able to handle any potential problem that might arise where your technology is concerned. You need to find good IT support Raleigh that understands your IT needs and has the expertise to ensure that your business is always running smoothly and downtimes are all but non-existent.

But finding the right support plan for your business is just as critical as finding the right IT specialist because you don’t want to be spending too much for your IT tech support, especially if you’re just starting a small business. Weighing your options between flat rate and pay as you go plans can make all the difference in saving you money.

Many IT companies will offer you both of these choices and you need to know how to choose the right plan to fit the needs of your business.

Reasons to Go with a Flat Rate Plan

Most businesses will choose a flat rate option when they expect their IT tech support team to be doing a lot of work around the clock. This is usually after your system or network has gone down and you’re left dealing with all the challenges of the aftermath. Your IT team will be working long hours to get everything back on track, recover your system, and put all the pieces together so that your business is up and running smoothly once again.

One of the selling points that IT support teams use to convince businesses to go for a flat rate plan is that you are insuring you IT system against any further catastrophes down the line. However, this isn’t always the best situation for your business. Sometimes that “flat rate” plan doesn’t include every service you might need or expect from an IT support company and you end up paying a lot more than that “flat rate” just to get everything you really need.

Reasons to Pay as You Go

This is the other option that you can select and it might be the better option for your business. The way it works is simple, you only pay for the services you need and the time it took for your IT tech support to do the work needed each month. The more you use your tech support team, the more you pay. Don’t need it as often from one month to the next, you’ll pay less for that time period. It allows you the freedom to decide what you want to pay based on your usage of the services.

Know Before You Choose

The trick here is to read through the entire menu of services that your IT tech support teams offer, so you’re fully apprised of the variety of features and solutions you can expect to receive each month. Flat-rate plans vary from one support team to the next and you must be sure that you’re getting everything you need for your business. Going with a pay as you go plan might make more sense for the size of your business and the scope of your technologies.