May 18, 2024

For most of us, it’s our first time working from home for many months. And since we don’t need to leave the house, we don’t pay much attention to what we wear when we “go” to work every day.

When working from home, comfort is key. But dressing up even when home is not a bad idea at all. If you’re getting tired of wearing the same pairs of sweats, then you might consider switching things up.

The Benefits of Dressing up at Home

Research suggests that clothes can influence one’s mood, and this indicates that dressing up at home can boost your productivity. Most people tend to associate clothes with certain activities. If you need to exercise, you need to wear clothes for such activity.

Likewise, loungewear is associated with staying home and relaxing, so it may not be the best clothes to wear if you need to be productive. In this case, wearing work clothes could be a great solution.

Wearing work clothes at home can also help you with setting your boundaries at home. When you put on your work clothes, it means that you have to focus on accomplishing your tasks for the day. And when you get back to your home clothes, that means that you can chill and stop responding to work emails and calls.

Now, let’s take a look at some fashion staples that you could wear to elevate your work-from-home experience.

Collared Blouse

A nice collared blouse will give you a nice formal look. An oxford blouse is a good piece to wear to exude professionalism during your videoconference meetings. If they feel a little stiff for your liking, you can go for a cotton blouse or a rayon blouse. The materials in these tops are soft and breathable, so you can get the balance between comfort and business.

Tee Dress

A long T-shirt dress can also be a great choice for work-from-home arrangements. It’s very comfortable, and it looks more stylish than an ordinary shirt. The best part about it is that you don’t have to think of any other article of clothing after putting the dress on. That’s less the effort to dress up and less the laundry pile, too.


If you’d still rather wear a simple T-shirt, you could top it up with a nice blazer. It’s only one additional article of clothing, but it can make a lot of difference. Blazers are quite formal, and they’re often associated with formal work activities such as business meetings.

Wide-leg Pants

A pair of wide-leg cotton pants can replace your sweatpants on some days when you feel dressy. These cotton pants are just as comfortable and stretchable, so you can sit in any way that’s comfortable to you. The cotton material is lightweight and breathable.


Another alternative to sweatpants is leggings. They’re easy to match with any collared blouse, and they’re very comfortable, too. If you work long hours, sitting in front of the computer could result in muscle pain, especially in the lower back and thighs. In this case, having a pair of compression leggings would be very helpful. Compression clothing can help increase muscle strength and improve your blood circulation, which can lead to pain relief.


Putting on a pair of shoes can make you feel like you’re heading out and give you the drive to do some work. Having a nice pair of shoes on will also complete your home office #OOTD. And you don’t have to wear uncomfortable ones. You could just wear your sneakers, mules, or any other flat shoes you have in your closet.


You can improve your work-from-home fashion not just by changing your clothes but by wearing accessories as well. A scrunchy is one popular item from the past that’s making its comeback. Using one will not only amp up your look but will also keep your hair tied up neatly.

You could also dazzle yourself up with fine jewels. Having a necklace or a pair of earrings on can help you make a better impression. These statement pieces can also be used to complement your choice of clothes.

Light Makeup

Lastly, dabbing a thin layer of makeup can also help you feel great when starting a new workday. Of course, going all-natural is okay, but putting makeup on can boost your mood. Wearing makeup is a mode of self-care as well since it is a way of spoiling yourself. Even a few dabs of lipstick or one layer of mascara can make a difference.

Dressing up at home may seem like a weird idea in a work-from-home setup. But it’s still something worth considering, given its positive impacts on productivity and mood.