September 28, 2023

As a nation, we spend a lot of time waiting for parcels to be delivered. This is especially apparent this year when many of us are shopping online more than ever with the closure of non-essential shops. The excitement of knowing a parcel is on its way and the experience of actually getting the parcel in your hands has become as important as the actual product. With more competition due to saturated markets, getting customers to purchase more than once from you may be able to be achieved through packaging.

Print media can add this value to your products. Your brand can be perceived to have a level of authority by making it known for its quality, its good customer service, and its business principles.

In this article, we will look at how to use print media effectively in the delivery process and how this helps your business.

Packaging creates impressions

The first look is everything. Once the digital transaction is done through an online platform, the first physical contact that the customer will have with you is at their doorstep. Here the packaging clearly becomes the identity of your company. Although the packaging gets discarded as soon as the customer gets the product inside, still this part of creating an impression should not be underestimated.

Not only does print help improve the standard of your packaging but it can also help in the processing of your deliveries. Returning customers will also tend to get attracted to your company, as the quality of this experience will give your firm authority as a professional company.

Custom stationery is a great way to show a level of professionalism for your business. An easy and affordable way to enhance your brand awareness is through printed envelopes on the outside of your packaging. This way the customer can anticipate your product as soon as they receive it.

Printed labels for your deliveries can also show an efficiency but can also help speed up the process of returns if it contains any essential information needed such as the return address. Surveys done by companies like one survey shows that more than 40 percent of the customers are ready to pay for faster delivery, hence quick delivery is essential and cannot be ignored. Competition from big players like Amazon Prime has made it all the more essential to speed up the delivery process.

Be extra

The print is an important and impressionable part of your customer service experience. Figures show that 50 percent of customers will increase their spending with a company after a positive experience of customer service. Although the delivery process might seem to be impersonal, there are means by which print can enrich the customer’s buying experience and improve your brand loyalty.

Companies are increasingly adding personalization into their packages via the medium of thank you notes. It is very essential to let your customers know why it is important for them to support your business, be it supporting small businesses, explaining how the product has been made with care, and also how the order contributes to charity. All these extra thanks beyond the simple email with order confirmation can go a long way.

Making sure these thank you notes are pre-printed on a high standard of the paper will add a premium to your product and service. It shows your business has an attention detail with can have a positive impact on a customer’s impression of your product. A personal approval can be shown by adding a small signature to the bottom of the note.

Regular and reliable

For start-ups and small businesses, outsourcing can be hard, especially when you have worked tirelessly to develop your products and services. However, it can help to create returning customers as well as make the work more affordable, thus increasing the revenue.

Having a reliable print on demand company you use can help create a regular feeling to your products and deliveries. In addition, you can also save labor time by allowing a professional company to take care of your printing requirements. You can also save additional costs by focusing on other areas of your business.

The most important thing to remember when creating the image of your brand is the quality of it. Quality materials for the print will only help to portray the image of brand authority. Measure how it can help your profit by considering your costs as investments, and. For example, the cost of the delivery process may increase by using recycled material in your packaging, but you should know that 66 percent of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainability. Even more, 73 percent of millennials agreed with this idea.

Will increasing the price of your product be worth it just to have quality print materials in its delivery? These are essential requirements to create a brand message. There is no need for you to select between sacrificing the planet or the quality. It can also be part of the thank you note that you leave – explaining why the delivery was important and not just because it holds your product.

The printed media you have produced is your brand in the hands of your customer. Every pamphlet, every letterhead, or box that has your logo or company name on it, showcases the care and attention to detail that you have put into every order. Are you able to recall the delivery that was best for you or the unboxing that is still fresh in your mind? Recollecting them is the result of the quality of a brand and its delivery. Thus, using print can help to improve the bond between your organization and the customer and pave the way to sustained loyalty from the customers.

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