July 15, 2024

Staying fit is no doubt important; but in the rush of staying slim and thin often we damage our health rather than doing “good” to it. As the old saying goes” health is wealth”, we all understand its importance , but often we are not able to differentiate between staying healthy and fit and becoming thin. Dieting is a very common means that most people follow for losing weight. Surely, dieting is an easy way to lose weight and it can be actually very effective to stay fit, but only when it is done with caution and proper guidance. Crash dieting can actually ruin your health all together and make you prone to severe illnesses.

How crash dieting can ruin your health

As a means of crash dieting most of the people stop taking in regular meals. They either skip meals altogether or stick to inadequate eating. As the body misses out on essential nutrients its own anabolic processes start to slow down. As a first symptom, the person under crash diet starts to feel tired, weak and dizzy. Lack of energy hampers their regular life routine, professional as well as personal life in an inevitable way.

As you continue with dieting, slowly your body starts to breakdown its own stored foods, the fats; and even the good ones that you need to maintain a healthy body. The immunity is also affected severely which in turn makes you susceptible to severe diseases. Continue crash dieting can even take the body to a stage where, when you won’t be able to eat at all and your body will breakdown due to its own catabolism processes.

What is dieting in a true sense?

 This is the first problem with most of us. We opt for dieting without knowing proper meaning of it and how to do it effectively. Cutting down on your food intake drastically or even stopping food intake is not dieting actually; it is nothing other than starving. Dieting never says to stay hungry; rather the basic motto of dieting is to include adequate amount of every nutritional element that your body needs into your diet. At the same time dieting vows for discarding the not- so- good items as well as the extra calories from your diet to ensure a healthy eating habit.