June 5, 2023

As you set New Year goals, you can set goals for your house up keeping. You may not mind skipping some of your New Year resolves. However, this should not happen in case of house up keeping. Discussed below are the resolutions to be made about your house and implemented.


  • Is your kitchen coating pending? Replacement of broken tiles in the spare washroom is not done. Are there many more?

You can explore

  • What are the things needed to finish the repairs? What would be the total outlay? Do you need to hire an expert? What would be the probable date to complete the work?

Maintain reserve funds for exigency

  • There are always some unforeseen contingencies.
  • This requires setting apart some money to meet such emergencies.
  • About 10{9aec2f3753136e72632b4743edb3bd445b461a73e7aee1730978bb7c413976bd} of the total cost of your house should be good enough to take care of such instances.

Sharing system

  • If storage facility is used by all your family members, it may become hap-hazard. This can be overcome by making compartments for each individual or utility wise.
  • By this storing can be more orderly.


  • Smarten up the outside of your house by repainting the main entrance, fixing a railing about the house, tidy up the pathway or external illumination.
  • Consider changing main entrance of your house with something made of steel.
  • This not only enhances the look your house, but also lends additional safety if fitted with a tough locking mechanism.
  • Replace your garage door with a new one for more aesthetic look.
  • Vinyl panels are not only long lasting, but add to the beauty of your house
  • Beautify the back space of your house to make marvelous relaxing section
  • You can change your old kitchen sink and spruce up cupboards.
  • Rearrange spare bedroom and trim it.


  • In case, you are short of funds, you have other ways of smartening up your house.
  • Make your lawn delightful by grooming it, clean up your house external sides.
  • This way you can give a terrific face-lift to your house.


  • Periodically clean drains
  • Otherwise your drains will get choked and result in stagnation of water and clogging cellar, wet walls, mold, splitting and flaking of coating, corroded sewers and harm to the structure.

You will appreciate that each of us has his liking and disliking. So, contemplate well and revamp to suit your inclination.

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