April 19, 2024

When hosting a party, unexpected guests will always be in the back of your mind. If you are unsure whether the people you have invited may bring along a plus one with them, then you should prepare extra food for the unexpected guests. Your party caterers will be able to handle an extra amount of food in the preparation as long as you have an ideal amount. However, it is tough to gauge just how much food you should prepare. If you are unsure, below are some guidelines to help you decide. Take note of them below in order to avoid not having enough food at your party.

Ask Who Is Planning to Bring a Friend Along

If you are unsure whether someone is going to bring a friend along to your party, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Most people likely forget to ask whether they can bring someone along or think to themselves that it is okay to do so without asking the host. Because you are the host, it is ultimately your responsibility at first to find out whether your guests are planning to bring someone else along with them. Most of the time, you are going to get a concrete yes or no. A lot of times, you are going to get an answer that may indicate you closer to their plans which you wouldn’t have found out if you did not ask in the first place.

When you have an indication that someone is going to bring a friend along, you should plan for that extra party guest. It is also a lot easier to plan for unexpected guests especially if you know your guest fully well. Do you know if they are dating someone? Did they recently get a new job and are more likely to bring a friend from work? For these cases, try to include the number of acquaintances that you believe they might bring into your calculation. As stated above, it doesn’t hurt to ask whether they are going to bring someone or not. However, you should still be prepared for the event that they do bring someone along to avoid stressing over any unexpected party guests.

If You Are Unsure, Go With a Versatile Menu

A versatile menu is going to be a tremendous help if you have guests that are always bringing someone unexpected along. If you are an experienced host, you probably have a list of people in your head that you know are going to have someone tag along with them that were not invited in the guest list in the first place. People that constantly ignore your plans are going to stand out especially during the planning phase of your next party. When you invite these people, always have a versatile menu that can be adjusted very suddenly. There are certain foods that take a lot of time to prepare so you can’t add more to them but then there are those menu selections that can be increased in serving within a day.

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