May 21, 2024

MAGNA MOMENTS Gifts with a Twist.

Hey Guys! Sit down, please! Yes, it’s that kind of idea.

We know how hard is to choose an original gift. So we invented Magna Moments Ebooks, audiobooks, music and movies on greeting cards!! The most original gift so far.

First physical carrier for ebooks! Now you can offer a greeting card to your friends, relative, s and partners with an Ebook included!

Or Music, or Movies or Audiobooks on greeting cards.

How come? Simple. The Ebook (audiobook, music, movie) will be attached using a QR Code. Scan the Code with your smartphone or tablet and the book is all set to be read/music to listen/movie to be watched.

Simple, isn’t it? And yes, we’ve applied for a patent, to combine the greeting cards industry with ebooks, audiobooks industry. And with your help, we’ll create a new sub-industry: Ebooks on greeting cards. Starting with only 6,9$ for a greeting card with an Ebook included!!!

A synergy between classic and modern! Technological winds on the culture sails!

And the greeting cards..! You should see them! An amazingly talented and funny team of graphic designers created something special for you!

We aren’t done with surprises yet. You will be able to customize your greeting card on our website including your video greeting by recording yourself and uploading your video on our website and your video greeting will be attached to your greeting card by a second QR Code.

Plus Blockchain to protect the IP of the content.

Thank you!

Mariu Marin and all Magna Moments Team.