June 25, 2024

A movable furniture set can protect your carpets or hardwood flooring from scratches. While it’s easier to drag your furniture across the floor, you want to avoid doing so. You could end up injuring yourself and scratching or ruining your floors in the end. It’s not worth the process.

But what do you do when you have a heavy 300-pound furniture set? How can you make it more movable? There are several ways that can make your furniture more movable. Some of those methods involve taking special precautions and enlisting help. Here are five easy tips for having movable furniture.

1. Hire Help

Moving furniture always feels like a hassle whether you’re moving into a new home or redecorating your home. Unless you’re just moving around a few small items, such as chairs and end tables, then it’s best to hire help. Pushing and lifting furniture by yourself can cause serious injury or problems. Not only does it cause harm to your back and shoulders, but you’ll also end up scratching your floors.

Ask your friends and family members to help you out to avoid ruining your floors. They can help you move beds, chairs, coffee tables, couches, desks, dining tables, dressers, and other heavy items. Don’t have any friends around to help? Hire a professional moving company to help you with loading and unloading your furniture. They have the experience to move around some of the heaviest furniture.

2. Take Your Furniture Apart

Sometimes the easiest way to move furniture is to take it apart first. This step isn’t as time-consuming as you may think and can help lighten your load. If a piece of furniture does take longer than necessary, then you’ll need the right tools to take it apart. When you disassemble your furniture, you’ll notice how much easier it is to move them around.

3. Get Everything off Your Floor

Everything should be removed from your floor before you attempt to move furniture. You want to prevent accidents from happening. You don’t want to trip over something while moving something heavy. It’s also impossible to move furniture if you’re bumping into something that’s in your way. Another reason to remove everything from your floor is to prevent scratching your furniture.

4. Use Castors

You can use industrial caster wheels to move your furniture. These castors make it easier to move the heaviest of your furniture. Once you place them underneath your furniture, you’ll be able to move them across the floor without scratching the flooring. Caster wheels are ideal for moving around beds, couches, desks, dressers, tables, and even heavy appliances.

5. Move Your Furniture Carefully

No matter which method you choose, you should always take precautions when moving your furniture. Move it slowly and carefully to avoid accidents or injuries. When picking furniture up from the floor, bend from the hips and knees and keep the load close to your body. Make sure that your legs are straight when you lift.

You should never push and pull your furniture. If end up pushing and pulling the furniture, make sure your industrial caster wheels are attached first. Remember to move the furniture slowly and carefully to make sure nothing gets scratched. There’s no need to hurry up when there’s no race.

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