July 15, 2024

Whether we like it or not, we use technology in every single moment of our lives. By definition, technology is nothing more than a scientific piece of information. With this definition, we can say that simply using our brains is a form of technology, a piece of scientific information. But because we think of technology as anything related to computers and the internet, we will focus on only those types of technology. For that reason in this article, we will be discussing the technology that your restaurant needs to have in 2019 if it doesn’t already have it, like a restaurant point of sale software.

Technology Your Restaurant Needs in 2019

Now, you may be opposed to technology and prefer to do things the old fashioned way, having a register, and a receipt machine, but times are changing. If you’re stuck using old systems, we will first describe how technology like restaurant point of sale software can make your operations better to increase sales. Having technology in your business creates data that cannot be seen or even monitored until a later date. What we mean is that every day you sell something, it gets stored in a file, detailing how many items you sold that day, and what was the most popular. Having technology creates a trail of information that will help you make better decisions in the future. So here are the four technologies you need in your restaurant:

  • Point of sales system with face recognition
  • Self-host online ordering
  • Complete self-checkout
  • Cutting inline

Some companies are working on face recognition software which will automatically register your I.D. and thus your face. With this, you will be able to create a digital wallet so that all the restaurant has to do is scan your face and it will automatically know who is paying and with what credit card.

Self-host and online ordering is something that should be in your restaurant. People don’t want to wait in line so if they can reserve a table and order online they will be able to arrive, sit and eat, and be happier than ever. The next step for this would be a complete self-checkout. Yes, many waitresses and servers would be out of a job, but a complete checkout option will bring in more people, faster. People like autonomy and the illusion of control so why not give it to them. They’ll be able to close out the tab, print the receipt, sign, and leave happy to come back another time.

Finally, what we mean by cutting in line is not an app or anything different. You’ve probably seen the people at In-n-Out already putting this to work with their employees taking people’s orders as they wait in line. If your restaurant tends to have a huge line, you may want to start implementing this so that people get their orders taken as they wait, so that when a table is ready so will their meals.

We discussed 4 pieces of technology that would increase your restaurants’ productivity while increasing profits and customer satisfaction. It is imperative that business evolves as the clientele and the business environments change as well. People want things faster than ever and so Amazon became the leader in delivering things extremely fast. Why doesn’t your restaurant do the same?