July 22, 2024

Currently, it’s truly difficult to say how long the repercussions on the coronavirus are going to last, and it’s certainly taking its toll on people’s mental and physical health. But now that months have passed and restrictions are slowly loosening up, there are plenty of ways to stay safe and healthy. Here’s a look at how you can stay healthy post lockdown.

A Good Night’s Sleep

It’s certainly easy to start over or under sleeping if you are either working from home or have been on furlough, which is why getting back to your normal routine is the first benchmark to achieve. Most adults need around 7 or 8 hours of sleep to feel well-rested and have a positive day and while getting back into the routine isn’t the easiest, the payoff will help you feel much better every day.

Avoid Junk Food

Another slippery slope during lockdown is to become dependent on junk food. Well as obvious as it seems, cutting this out will have several benefits, one being that it will help to improve your sleep.

A lot of people find comfort in eating junk food in order to suppress anxiety, stress, or just boredom, but the long term health issue that comes with it means that it’s another essential to cut out for your new health routine.

Self Care Time

It’s certainly been easy to live in pyjamas or joggers during the lockdown, but now you can venture out a little more, you should give yourself time to look after yourself daily. Grooming, a skincare routine, and taking vitamins, minerals and probiotic supplements are all ways you can look and feel better daily. Even if you know you’re not going out today, take some time to look after your body.


One of the best ways to look after your body is to start a workout routine, it doesn’t have to be strenuous, even something like yoga can make a big difference. Breathing exercises, light running, and stretches can help you get out of the home boredom rutt. Your body naturally adapts to your daily routine and if your routine includes a lot of sitting around, you gradually lose motivation and energy. It can be a big push but maintaining a weekly exercise routine is one of the best ways to stay healthy.