July 19, 2024

Sofa as the most used piece can get a tear in the fabric, and it can ruin your classic sofa design. But you can get rid of this by some smart ways. If the damage is thin and your fabric is not missing, then you can fix it simply and fairly. But if the tear is large and the fabric is missing, then you should take the help of our expert technicians because doing it yourself can ruin that more. Our technicians will remove the fabric where possible and sew the tear from inside that no one can notice. They can also use glue to repair it to give your sofa a beautiful and good look. Best upholstery and Sofa Repair Dubai.

If you have a leather sofa and are facing the problem of holes in it. You should quickly get the help of some experts because doing it yourself will ruin it as leather is sensitive. Our professional technicians will help you in this case. First, they will clean the area around the hole with their kits and then apply a leather conditioner around the area and let it dry. Then they will add a piece of leather on your sofa on the inner side so that no one can notice, and it will look professional work. After giving the final touch, they will advise you not to sit on it for 24 hours and let it dry completely.

People also love to buy recliner sofas as they give more comfort and durability than others, but they are not like regular sofas. Hence, their repairing process is also different from others. You can use them for a long time if you maintain it by keeping it clean or oiling its parts regularly. But if you are having some issues, you should quickly get the help of some expert as he will recommend the best solution to your problem and solve it with his expertise. He will also give you instructions to maintain your sofa, and in this way, you can enjoy more time with your couch.

Some people love to buy silk fabrics sofas as they give different feelings from others and are a natural fabric. Over time silk degrades, and the experts can only repair holes in silk. Because they are rare, and their repair work will be visible if professional technicians did not do it. Experts have their kits by which they first measure and close the hole with the fusible fabric. But most of the silk fabrics are thin, and fusible fabric can be visible under them.