September 28, 2023

Hello friends! I hope you have a good day. Today I want to teach you a delicious meal that I found out about this dish myself last week. I have traveled to different cities and countries and tried to get to know its attractions and tourist places as well as the food-related to it. Kitfo Recipe – Epersianfood

Last week, I traveled to the US for a business appointment. I had gone to almost all of its places and even restaurants. And I decided to take a rest instead of going around the town for the rest.
But after two days, my headache was gone. And I decided to go around town a little bit.kitfo

How did I get to know kitfo?

Instead of going to museums and historical sites, I prefer to go shopping. I bought a little. After three hours, I was hungry. Every restaurant I visited was either closed or food was running out. I was bored walking down the street as I saw people lined up in front of a restaurant waiting for the seats to be empty and eating.

I was curious. I went a little further and saw that it was written on the glass of the restaurant ‘ just kitfo is ready’. I had never heard of this dish before. Seeing the long queue made me more worried that it wouldn’t be my turn.

After a few minutes, it was finally my turn. I entered the restaurant. The atmosphere was stylish and relaxed. The combination of white and green had made it extraordinary. The music was playing slowly. I sat by the window. City lights flashing from afar. The waiter came and said what do you want? I looked at the menu and there was nothing but a kitten in it. kitfo with beef, kitfo with lamb, etc. I told him to bring me the most delicious of all.

He smiled and said you haven’t eaten a kitfo? I said I’ve come here a lot, but so far I haven’t seen your restaurant, and I haven’t even heard of Kitfo. Said I’m sure you will be our constant customer and love Kitfo.

Twenty minutes later, they brought food with cooled lemonade. The candles on the table were lit. Space became more romantic. I took a look at the food The specially shaped breads were left on the plate. The food color was great. But the meat seemed raw.

I was so hungry that I couldn’t wait any longer. I put some of it in the bread and started eating. It was wonderful. The taste of meat with onions and peppers was great. After the meal was over, I went to the cash to calculate the food money. I thanked the cashier and left the restaurant. On my way back to the hotel, I was just thinking about kitfo.

kitfo epersianfood

Kitfo’s recipe :

I went back to the hotel to get ready. I wish I had a little extra time to try again. The day I arrived home, I was searching for recipes on the Internet. I found a lot of recipes for the kitfo, but I didn’t know what recipe is for kitfo I was eating at the restaurant .

But the main ingredient in all recipes is raw or half-cooked meat and pepper. I have tried to make that kitfo every day since returning from America. I’ve added beef once raw, half-cooked. I have also used different ingredients such as onions, garlic, mashed potatoes, and various spices such as pepper, turmeric. But it still doesn’t give me the flavor I want.

Of course, I have not used different meats like lamb and turkey. Some recipes also add some chicken meat. I try all the recipes until I find the recipe. Of course, I plan to travel to the US and ask for Kitfo’s order from the waiter. You can also cook and eat kitfo. Try different commands, of course. If you don’t like raw meat, cook the meat. Send me your experiences and comments. You can serve kitfo along with other foods. Or eat with that soup. Put different breads on the side or eat without bread at all.

I hope you like Kitfo like me.

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